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Split It: How To Share Treats

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Photo Cred If you’ve ever googled, “How to share a kitchen with your roommate”, you probably read articles on sharing chores. Not many of these articles talk about the most important part – treats. From sharing food, to cooking food, we’re breaking down the top three kitchen rules for roommates when it comes to food and sharing it. 1. Roommate food sharing list Photo Cred It may seem petty, but creating a roommate food sharing list is a total must. This is a list of kitchen treats that are shareable between all in the apartment. Things not included in this list are clearly off limits. If this is unclear for some reason, create a separate, “Do Not Touch” list. Place these lists on the fridge and pantry. While labeling your items help, having a “Sorry I Touched It” money jar can help you and your roommates stay accountable during times temptation takes over. 2. Roommate cooking schedule Photo Cred One chef in the kitchen is great, two chefs in the kitchen can start to feel claustrophobic and we all know what they say about threes. Scheduling or asking for meal prep/cooking time in the kitchen can help reduce many kitchen catastrophes. 3. Sharing a fridge with roommates Photo Cred This may be the most important rule of them all. Considered the holy place for all things cold and stored, the fridge. Remember these three things when it comes to sharing the fridge. If it smells foul, throw it away. If it’s…

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happy fathers day featured photo

6 Places To Celebrate Good Ol’ Dad

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With June upon us, we start seeing those Amazon advertisements and store emails reminding us that Father’s Day is coming up.  Once you find the perfect gift for dad, the next step to celebrate is figuring out what to do! As we all know, Houston is a bustlin’ city, and Father’s Day is no exception.  Check out these ideas on how and where to celebrate the holiday with the OG Pops himself, complete with dad-puns and a cold one! 1) Saint Arnolds Brewery Photo Cred Okay, you don’t really need a reason to go to a brewery, but Father’s Day makes a good beer in your hand an essential! This Texas staple is located just north of Downtown Houston and is closed on Sundays, but feel free to grab dad for a Friday or Saturday treat! Try their Amber Ale Bratwurst paired with their Amber Ale (obviously). Top off the meal with a Rootbeer float flight (uhm?! Three please!); you and dad are in for a great time! 2) Buffalo Bayou Brewery Photo Cred Another great brewery to try out is Buffalo Bayou Brewery over in Washington Corridor. Bonus fact about this one is it’s open on Sundays! Perfect if you want to go to a few different hot spots throughout the weekend. For only $15, you get three beer tokens and a souvenir! What’s better than beer, a gift, and a good deal? Not much! Finish it off with good eatin’ with an on-site food truck and you’re set for a…

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New Year's Eve Houston Party

New Year’s Eve Houston: Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

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  Image Source The end of 2017 is finally upon us! Meaning time for reflection and resolutions. Oh, who are we kidding–it’s a time to find an awesome party and champagne it up until all the Ls taken this year are forgotten. Or at least until the next morning! Planning your NYE night can be a tedious task even with Houston throwing multiple events and parties to bring in the year 2018. SO, to make it easier on you this year, we compiled 6 NYE plans you’ll sure to enjoy! #Cheers NYElectric 2018 Hotel Derek is hosting one of the most upscale New Year’s Eve party in Houston. It’ll be an electrifying event with 4-hour complimentary food and drinks, 3 areas to mingle, 2 top Houston DJs, and 1 electric countdown! Did we mention there’ll be FREE giveaways?! FREE! Tickets start at $119 and can be purchased online. Tickets include your choice of beverages and party favors! If you want to upgrade your experience and go all out for the New Year check out their VIP section. New Year’s Eve All Access Pass Chances are that the past few years have been pretty similar when it came to your New Year’s plans. We’ve all be there! SO, instead of sticking to the same crowded club or lounge, lets spice things up a bit with the biggest All Access Party Pass 2018 package in Midtown Houston! Gain free admission into some of the hottest NYE venues in Houston including Belle Station,…

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yummy breakfast food

But First, Brunch.

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Houstonians know how to have fun. So it’s no surprise that whatever late night party you’re attending will probably turn into a morning brunch. With so many fab choices in the city, finding your fave brunch spot can be tough. We got you, fam. Brunch is basically our favorite hobby. At the risk of overwhelming you with awesome-ness, here are just a FEW of our fave spots for brunchin’ around Houston. Max’s Wine Dive Not only is this place the bomb dot com to wine and dine at in the evening (Seriously, sipping wine on their covered patio while it rains? It doesn’t get more Houston than that.), it’s one of our favorite spots to brunch. Spiced Apple French Toast, Shrimp Breakfast Tacos, and the Fried Egg Sandwich are just a few of their specialties you absolutely have to try. Max’s also looks out for your health by offering bloody mary’s and build-your-own mimosas to combat that hangover headache. What could go wrong? Image Source Montrose: 214 Fairview St. Weights + Measures Instagrams ready, please. This restaurant/bakery/bar is honestly the cutest with industrial warehouse vibes. Forget the dream of owning a home, millennials, and indulge in some of Weights + Measures’ avocado toast. House smoked salmon and a daily omelette are also on the menu which you can pair with a glass of prosecco. Cheers! Image Source Midtown: 2808 Caroline St. Hearsay Cancel all plans for Sunday morning for the rest of the year. Hearsay has $12 bottomless mimosas. This chic brunch spot is…

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Getting Your Healthy Nom On In Houston

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Restaurants in the Houston area far outnumber the gyms so it makes sense that Men’s Fitness named Houston as the #1 Fattest City in America. My belly is so happy and sad about this at the same time. As much as we all love curling up in bed with an entire pizza so we can Netflix and chill (Nope? Just me?), we’ve got a list of the tastiest healthy food options in the Houston area. If you walk from your car to the door it counts as exercise, right? True Food Kitchen With locations all around the country, True Food Kitchen is healthy eating done right. They use fresh, local foods for their dishes that include gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. The menu rotates regularly to showcase seasonal fruits and veggies. A renowned physician helped to establish True Food Kitchen to ensure the food being offered helps to avoid and counteract some serious health issues. Try the Margherita pizza or Red Chili Noodles next time you’re in the area! Image Source Galleria Snap Kitchen Made from scratch daily, Snap Kitchen serves food with no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Simply visit their website or download the app and you can order food for the day/week based on your lifestyle needs. Snap Kitchen offers meat, seafood, and veggie options packed and ready to eat whenever your schedule allows! They prides themselves on offering healthy, handmade meals for busy people and we love them for it. Image Source Upper Kirby (Additional Locations…

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