Katy Trail Ice House

Go-To Dallas Hot Spots According To Dallasites101

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Hey guys! It’s Lily and Kara from Dallasites101! We are super excited to announce that we will be working with Smart City Apartment Locating to put out a new blog every month in an effort to get you even more connected with the Big D! To kick it off, we want to take you around to our go-to spots. These are the places that have been longtime favorites, even before Dallasites101 existed, and the spots that we always take an out-of-town guest who’s never been to Dallas. So what are they? Let’s find out! EL COME TACO This hole-in-the-wall taco spot was one of the first places we ever tried tacos in Dallas, and it has stuck with us for five years now. It’s centrally located on Fitzhugh and pumps out some of the best authentic street tacos in Dallas! Make sure to order the Pollo a la Mexicana. THE RUSTIC We love taking out-of-towners to the Rustic – it’s the best taste of what people not from Texas, think of Texas, that you can find right in the heart of Dallas. You get your live music, your Texas decor and your massive patio bar fix, all in one spot! KATY TRAIL ICE HOUSE Katy Trail Ice House was probably the first place we ever heard about when moving to Dallas. We were told we “had to go” and we of course, came to find out it is the quintessential patio bar and gathering place for happy hours, big sporting…

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Specials, Concessions And Self-Prorating

Specials, Concessions And Self-Prorating: What Does That Even Mean?

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So you’ve found your dream apartment and the price is right, except you’re totally lost in translation when your locator or leasing agent mentions “self pro-rating”, wtf?! Rest assured that we’ve been there too (before working at Smart City), and we want to simplify and break down rent specials, prorations, and concessions for you. Because let’s face it Dallas, we know you love a good discount and we’re just here to help you understand it! Prorating a Special Ready to dive in and figure out how to effectively divide up your monthly rent expenses over the course of a lease term? Let’s say, hypothetically, that you sign a 12-month lease and your rent is $1,200 per month. The amount in full that you would pay over the lease term would be $1,200 x 12 which equals $14,400. When you have a special added on to this, some properties allow you to keep this month as a credit on the account so you can stretch it out over the lease term. Let’s use the example of a one-month free special (bless up for free rent!) Calculating the Incentive Say your rent is $1,200 per month and you signed a 12-month lease. If a property offers a one-month free special, you automatically save $1,200! $1,200 / 12 = $100 saved per month! So you’re effectively only paying $1,100 per month! Upfront Specials When a property has a special that’s “upfront”; this normally is one month free or two months free that is…

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Uptown Dallas More Than A Nightclub

Uptown Dallas: More Than A Nightclub

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Let’s be honest, when we think of Uptown our minds go straight to what it’s best known for; posh bars and fine dining. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good cocktail lounge, but Uptown has a little more to offer than a (perfectly crafted) old fashioned. Check out our list of the five low-key ways that Uptown slays. McKinney Avenue Trolley (Photo Cred) What better way to see all that Uptown has to offer than by taking a ride on the McKinney Avenue Trolley? These restored vintage trolleys run 365-days a year with heating and air-conditioning to keep you comfortable in all types of weather. Plus, It’s FREE! Move over, Uber. Let’s Get Down and Sweating! (Photo Cred) Whether you run, walk, or ride, The Katy Trail has you covered. The 3.5-mile track runs north from Victory Park through Uptown before traversing North Central Expressway into Mockingbird Station.  After an hour of calorie burning, (frequent) bouts of hyperventilating, and some very interesting people watching, we like to recover at the Katy Trail Ice House, where the 50-foot bar has 50 beers on tap! Whining and Dining! (Photo Cred) Man’s best friend deserves a night out too, and leaving your pup at home while you hit up happy hour can be a downer (puppy dog eyes, anyone?) This part bar, part dog park gives a new meaning to the word cockTAIL. Enjoy a round of draft beers or boozy frozen lemonades while Fido chases his tail/reenacts Lady and the Tramp with his…

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Insta Worthy Apartments In Dallas

Insta Worthy Apartments In Dallas

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It’s no surprise that having a lifestyle worth Instagraming is a major win.  Whether it is traveling, fashion, brunch, your #mcm/#wcw, or in this case, where you live, we know how much impact a good post has on your feed! The convenience of living in an apartment that basically decorates itself has its perks when it comes to taking pics of your pad. Plus, who doesn’t want people coming over and drooling over how dope their apartment looks? Talk about #goals, amiriiiight? So, check out this kick-ass list of our favorite Insta worthy apartments in Dallas, TX. Ascent Victory Park Living in luxury with a classy twist of rustic? Yes please; we mean, we live in Texas after all. This rugged high-rise features real hard wood floors, granite stone countertops and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that are begging for a close up. On those warm summer days, indulge in an infinity pool that cantilevers over the edge. (If you don’t know what that means it’s fine, just know that it’s dope af and your donut/pizza/swan floaty will look GREAT!) Now that it’s Fall, you have the bonus of being able to grill out with friends and sit by the fire pit roasting marshmallows. So, put on a cute sweater and snap a shot at sunset, because this is Insta gold. Photo Cred Butler Brothers Building The Butler Brothers Building is the perfect combination of unique history and modern, industrial design. Each unit tells a story through the mix of old and…

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tweets uptown

8 Tweets That Are Uptown AF

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Uptown is the hottest neighborhood in Dallas right now. Everyone wants to live here, and we totally understand why. Here are 10 tweets that are SO totally Uptown.   1.  Living just down the street from (or even above!) Whole Foods has made a monster out of us. What do you mean your toothpaste isn’t organic, locally sourced, and filtered? It’s okay, we love and hate ourselves, too. 2.  This is the typical remedy for a breakup or a too-long single spell: a night out in Uptown. You may start off with your life together at Clutch, but by the time you cross the doors of 6th Street, you’re texting your ex all the words to Lemonade. #BOYBYE. It’s okay, the only thing you need to commit to in Uptown is brunch; hot and reliable, yum. 3.  We wish Uptown rent was $800! But come on, we know that there is a lot of temptation in Uptown. West Village is the best and worst place to just stroll around. You end up with a belly full of food you shouldn’t have eaten, tickets to a movie you’ve never even heard of, and a bag full of green juice and candles from some boutique. Maybe we need to add a “green juice” section to our expenses. 4.  Living by Mutts Cantina is one of our favorite perks about living in Uptown! You can have a drink while your dog makes new furry friends! Besides, a cold beer may be what you need when…

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