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Dog-friendly neighborhoods in Dallas

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Fun fact: Dallas is home to more than 600,000 cats and dogs! We knew when we moved here, that Dallas was a pet-friendly city, but that number is crazy given that our population in Dallas is about double that. So essentially, every other person in the city owns a pet! Dog owners are a special breed of pet parent. They love showing off pictures and bringing their companion on all kinds of outdoor adventures, but finding a place to live that allows dogs, isn’t as easy as finding a beer garden that does! So, if you’re new here or need some help deciding where to settle down and explore with your furry friend, we have the hook up on the most dog-friendly areas in the Dallas area! WEST VILLAGE West Village takes the top spot for one main reason: Mutt’s Canine Cantina. Mutt’s is both a bar and a beautiful dog park, that has both a small dog and big dog park, so your dog is safe to play with others his or her own size! And you can grab a cold one and hang by the yellow picnic tables and socialize will you wait for your dog to release every ounce of energy. Or mix it up from Mutt’s and hang at the outdoor patio of Village Burger Bar or Mi Cocina. Apartment recommendation: The One Oak Grove is right across the street from Mutt’s and comes with its own mini dog park area and a full dog wash…

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Katy Trail Ice House

Go-To Dallas Hot Spots According To Dallasites101

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Hey guys! It’s Lily and Kara from Dallasites101! We are super excited to announce that we will be working with Smart City Apartment Locating to put out a new blog every month in an effort to get you even more connected with the Big D! To kick it off, we want to take you around to our go-to spots. These are the places that have been longtime favorites, even before Dallasites101 existed, and the spots that we always take an out-of-town guest who’s never been to Dallas. So what are they? Let’s find out! EL COME TACO This hole-in-the-wall taco spot was one of the first places we ever tried tacos in Dallas, and it has stuck with us for five years now. It’s centrally located on Fitzhugh and pumps out some of the best authentic street tacos in Dallas! Make sure to order the Pollo a la Mexicana. THE RUSTIC We love taking out-of-towners to the Rustic – it’s the best taste of what people not from Texas, think of Texas, that you can find right in the heart of Dallas. You get your live music, your Texas decor and your massive patio bar fix, all in one spot! KATY TRAIL ICE HOUSE Katy Trail Ice House was probably the first place we ever heard about when moving to Dallas. We were told we “had to go” and we of course, came to find out it is the quintessential patio bar and gathering place for happy hours, big sporting…

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Dads Do Dallas–How To Celebrate Pops This Father’s Day Weekend.

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Hawaiian shirts, lawn mowers, short shorts, barbecues, notorious jokes and everything else father related! It’s finally time to celebrate dear ol’ dad! Not that you need much reminding between the billion, trillion Amazon advertisements and promo emails, but Father’s Day is right around the corner. In case you’ve been procrastinating how to pay pops back for all his hard work raisin’ a hellion like you, we crafted a short list of some the best way to celebrate dad this Father’s Day. 1) DadFest 2018 Photo Cred What better way to celebrate the big guy than with a cold beer in your hand? Eight beers, maybe?! Every ticket holder who attends Shannon Brewing Company’s third annual DadFest gets 8 six-ounce pours of beer including some rare, special kinds! Not only that, but Hicks BBQ, Just Encased and DK’s Twisted Smokers BBQ and Grille will be catering the event to ensure no one goes hungry… “I’m hungry.” “Hi hungry, I’m dad!” Embrace the belly and put on that ugly tie (there will be an Ugly Tie and Dad Bod contest), grab pops and join in on the celebration at DadFest this year! 2) Father’s Day Beef Jerky & Craft Beer Pairing Photo Cred What do you call a cow with a twitch? …Beef Jerky!! Craft and Growler will be holding a beef jerky and craft beer pairing celebration in honor of dads everywhere (errr, uh Dallas). Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t basic jerky–oh no! This is BROCKHOUSE JERKY! Meaning it is slow-smoked…

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Why It’s Time To Move To Knox-Henderson!

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One of our favorite Dallas neighborhoods is also now one of the hottest and most desired neighborhoods to live in! Not only is it centrally located and right off of I-75, it’s also a really fun area with a ton of shops and restaurants. What We Love About It Most of the luxury apartments that we feature in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood are either brand new or have been built in the last ten years, with rates that are often lower than their competitors in the area. Like Uptown, many Knox-Henderson apartments are within walking distance to some of the city’s favorite restaurants, shops, and nightlife entertainment, while still providing options for folks who are on a budget!   Location, Location, Location Being located right off either side of Highway 75 means that you’ll still be just minutes outside of Downtown Dallas, right near the Uptown, Oak Lawn, and Lower Greenville neighborhoods for even more access to Dallas’s hottest spots! Whether you’re shopping for some sweet décor for your new digs at Crate & Barrel, meeting up for brunch at Fernando’s, or unwinding with a beer on The Old Monk’s patio, Knox-Henderson has plenty of promise to keep you pumped about your new neighborhood throughout the day! The Best Food and Shopping in Town Sushi One of our favorite spots is Sushi Axiom! Oh man, get yourself ready. Sling your work stuff into your room and head to this Henderson staple before 7pm for some great deals on sushi. Don’t make…

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Dallas Happy Hour On Lock!

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We’re happy all hours of the day because – duh- we work at Smart City. Ok, ok, it could also be because we frequent a few of the most badass happy hours in our favorite neighborhoods. Cheap food plus cheap drinks plus good friends plus the bliss of incoming spring equals a good time. Always. It’s as simple as that. So, whether you’re into the chill, low-key Lower Greenville vibes, or the go-to-see-and-be-seen atmosphere of Uptown, it doesn’t matter, as long as you hit up these places on weekdays between approximately 4 and 7 pm. The coolest thing is that, no matter which spot is your fav for discount food and drank, we can get you a sweet place to to live within short Uber-ride distance (or even walking distance) to wherever you want to be on Monday through Friday evenings. Ja feel?    1) Knox/Henderson: Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine: Monday – Friday Reduced price margaritas: mango, peach, strawberry and swirl Barcadia Bar and Grill: Monday — 50% off all food Tuesday — $5 select Texas liquor, $1 off Texas drafts, and free games Wednesday — whiskey specials and pint night Thursday — special classic cocktails night Friday — drink specials from 3 PM-8PM 2) Oak Lawn: Grapevine Bar: Wednesday – Saturday 3 – 7 pm — $3 drink specials STEEL Restaurant & Lounge: Monday – Friday 5 – 7 pm — $3 off cocktails, draft beers, glasses of wine & glasses of sake. There is a changing menu of Asian share plates and…

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Our 3 Favorite Wine Bars In Dallas!

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Okay, we don’t know a lot about wine but we do know the following things: 1. It tastes good. 2. It makes us feel good. 3. It’s always wine time. 4. Did we mention it’s always wine time? We may not be connoisseurs but when we love something, we go all in. With all of those things in mind, we compiled a list of our favorite wine bars in Dallas. Because why not, right? Here are our favorite wine bars in Dallas! Ascension in the Design District If you work downtown, you’ve probably swung by Ascension for a hot cup of coffee. Their coffee is the bomb but they also have another delicious option. Have you tried their wine? They have an assortment of affordable, crisp whites to hard to find, complex red blends. Bonus: it’s totally dog friendly so bring your dog and post up on the patio and let the wine flow. They’ll even bring water for your furry companions. Stoney’s Wine Lounge In East Dallas The food at Stoney’s is legit and their wine list is impressive but they have another gem and it’s their jazz music. Not just any jazz either — the owners are both professional jazz musicians and they bring in some of the best musicians in the city. If you want an amazing time sipping amazing wine, with an amazing staff and owners, while listening to some of the best jazz in Dallas, this is your place. Wine Poste In Oak Cliff Wine Poste has a…

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The Best Bloody Marys In Dallas!

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Everyone likes his or her Bloody Mary to taste a certain way. Some like it extra spicy, loaded with snacks like pickled okra and olives and some people are into a more toned down, fresh tomato vibe with extra vodka. Either way, one thing is for sure, they are the best hangover cure and it’s like drinking vegetables so it’s a win win either way. Here are our favorite Bloody Marys in Dallas! THE GRAPE This classic, urban bistro on Greenville has been around since 1972. Their well-executed $6 Bloody Mary won’t disappoint. It’s spicy and refreshing and they give you just the right amount garnishes to snack on! Be sure to catch them for Sunday brunch, you don’t want to miss it.   SMOKE If you’re brave enough to venture over the bridge to West Dallas, Smoke is a favorite brunch spot amoung the West Dallas crowds. Their Bloody Mary is topped with what can only be considered a meal. Sausage? Pork belly? You’re in for a treat because they’ll toss just about anything in there. The chef came up with his own Bloody Mary mix that is delicious, gritty and filled with pickled vegetables the chef pickles in the restaurant!   COMPANY CAFE To start off, Company Café uses jalapeño infused vodka in their Bloody Marys. In other words, we’re already off to a great start. Company café is all about serving fresh, delicious food with a healthy twist. And their Bloody Mary is no different. It’s fresh…

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