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Dog-friendly neighborhoods in Dallas

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Fun fact: Dallas is home to more than 600,000 cats and dogs! We knew when we moved here, that Dallas was a pet-friendly city, but that number is crazy given that our population in Dallas is about double that. So essentially, every other person in the city owns a pet! Dog owners are a special breed of pet parent. They love showing off pictures and bringing their companion on all kinds of outdoor adventures, but finding a place to live that allows dogs, isn’t as easy as finding a beer garden that does! So, if you’re new here or need some help deciding where to settle down and explore with your furry friend, we have the hook up on the most dog-friendly areas in the Dallas area! WEST VILLAGE West Village takes the top spot for one main reason: Mutt’s Canine Cantina. Mutt’s is both a bar and a beautiful dog park, that has both a small dog and big dog park, so your dog is safe to play with others his or her own size! And you can grab a cold one and hang by the yellow picnic tables and socialize will you wait for your dog to release every ounce of energy. Or mix it up from Mutt’s and hang at the outdoor patio of Village Burger Bar or Mi Cocina. Apartment recommendation: The One Oak Grove is right across the street from Mutt’s and comes with its own mini dog park area and a full dog wash…

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Dog Friendly Apartments In Dallas

Dog Friendly Apartments In Dallas!

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You trot along Katy Trail with your pup making friends with all the other dog owners on the reg! But you can’t help having apartment envy for all the great dog-friendly amenities you hear about! The process of finding the best dog friendly apartment in Dallas for you and your pooch can be overwhelming. As well as leaving you uninformed and hung out to dry. Which is why we are here! We gathered information on the top properties which not only thinks of you, but you and the furry companions in your life! Check out our list of Dog-Friendly Apartments because who doesn’t dream of falling in love 101 Dalmatians style? Design District Dog Destination  Looking to get your pup a little more active? Well, look no further! This property has the cutest little dog park with a dog agility course!! Seriously, think of the Instagram-potential here. This property is conveniently located by the Trinity Strand Trail making this an excellent choice for those in the market for private yards, opening up the door for so many Fido-friendly adventures! Medical District Mutt Haven Say goodbye to the days of having to Schlup your pup up and down however many stories and say hello to grassy private yards! Not only does this property have private yards, but it is also super close to Weichsel Park. Uptown Bark You Up Not only is this property located in the most walkable neighborhood, but it has direct access to Katy Trail! Let’s not forget about…

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Where You Should Live If You’re Obsessed With Your Dog!

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Dogs are man’s best friend and we know that rings true in Dallas. We have a ton of dog parks and jogging trails that offer you and your pet a chance to get outside and enjoy the sun. It can be hard for your dog to be cooped up in a small apartment all day, but we are here to help! The process of finding the best dog friendly apartment in Dallas for you and your pooch can be overwhelming, and leave you uninformed and hung out to dry. We’re here to help provide information on the top properties who think not only of you, but of you and the furry companions in your life! Check out our list of Dog Friendly Apartments because your dog deserves the best! HUGE DOG PARK IN WEST DALLAS Around the Smart City Office, Pike West Commerce has been voted the best onsite dog park. They have incorporated historic trees into the dog park so that it actually resembles a park instead of a 15 yard fenced-in plot of turf. We love that this property preserved these trees instead of bulldozing through them! They are very dog friendly and you will often see a ton of dogs in their park after everyone gets off work! You’ll also be walking distance to the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge so you can enjoy all the trails with your pup and enjoy the awesome views! Studios starting at $1045, one bedrooms starting at $1283 plus one month free,…

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