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4 Ways to Stay On Track With Your Fitness Goals This Summer (While Still Enjoying Yourself)

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In the spirit of connecting you with a space to be yourself, we wanted to push past your apartment walls and connect you with some awesome members of the community. We’ve recently partnered with Territory Foods, a local meal prep service working hard to make eating healthy easy for everyone. Not only are they crafting some expert, health conscious content for our blog-viewing friends like you, but they’re also working with us to give away three, $50 Territory Foods gift cards! The giveaway, hosted on Instagram, begins May 10th and ends May 13th. So be sure to pop over to Instagram to enter, and checkout @territoryfoods while you’re at it. Without further ado, here’s some expert advice on sticking to your health goals this Summer! Summertime means longer days, more pool time, frequent parties, and lots of grilling. All of these are fun, but can also have a negative effect on your fitness goals if you aren’t careful and intentional with your choices. Most people think they have to choose between having a good time and achieving their summer bods, when in reality, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds with a little extra thought and preparation. Today I’m giving you 4 key ways to stick with your goals while still enjoying all the fun that the summer months have to offer. photo by Nadine Primeau via Unsplash 1: Offer to bring a dish when you get invited to a party As someone who is health-conscious and who…

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The Juice Bar Dallas

Do You Even Juice, Bro? Best Juice Bars In Dallas

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A champagne toast at midnight does more than signify the end of the dumpster fire that was 2017, but also honors commitments made by people all over the world (or rather, in select time zones) to new goals and resolutions for the new year. Of course, it’s no shock that most resolutions are centered around fitness, health and overall wellness because let’s face it, health is trendy. Now more than ever people seek out information (via books and documentaries) about the impact that habits of a modern lifestyle are having on our physical and mental health, vegan restaurants and boutique fitness studios aren’t hard to come by, and at least one of your friends is gearing up for their next Whole 30, Keto diet, or detox right now! And with the increase of health conscious consumers, juice and smoothie bars have become a staple of most big city neighborhoods. Whether you grab a smoothie bowl or go all-out on a 3-day juice cleanse, these health bars have your back by offering a variety of smoothies, wellness shots, pressed juices, bowls and cleanses. Just in time to support your newest wellness resolution, here are some of our favorite juice bars around Dallas to visit for a fresh cup o’ health! The Juice Bar photo cred Tom Hennings opened the Juice Bar in Inwood Village nextdoor to his exercise studio, The Bar Method, with the intention of creating a place people could find food, juices and smoothies that not only taste wonderful…

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Live Close To All The Healthy Food Spots

Live Close To All The Healthy Food Spots From These Dallas Apartments

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It’s almost the end of December with the new year right around the corner! People are already jumping on the New Year, New Me, “Let’s Eat Healthy 2018” bandwagon. Others are about to start….or not, and some have always eaten healthy (*slow clap*slow clap*slow clap* WOW, you amaze us). Living so close to delicious restaurants and hoppin’ bars can be both good and bad. I mean, who doesn’t like walking to get food? Let’s be honest deciding on what to eat and if you should eat it can be hard, especially if your only options are tacos, pizza, and more tacos. Would you check out healthy food spots if they were just blocks from where you lived? WE WOULD!! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and if it’s super convenient, why not give it a shot? #hellosummerbod Whether you’re on the go or heading to work, here are some sweet apartments near some delicious, yet healthy options! Especially for the next time, you’re thinking about getting the “usual.” Aka Tacos! Walk to Mudhen If you haven’t tried Mudhen, then you most definitely should! Like, right now. Once you do, you are going to want to live right next-door! Seriously, it’s that good! It’s all about the meats and greens at Mudhen. They focus on real food without all that added fluff and sugars. You also won’t find soda on the menu, but the juices and smoothies are where it’s at anyways! Just check out the shiny stainless steel appliances,…

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Healthy Foods Dallas

The Best Places In Dallas To Get Your Healthy Nom On

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With the holidays in full swing, a lot of us are already thinking about how we’re going to get back on track after the new year. Luckily, if you live in Dallas, there are plenty of options to get your healthy nom on right now. Whether you’re Vegan, love a good cold-pressed juice, or want to down some meat, we found all the good spots! Snap Kitchen Snap is a favorite here at Smart City. If you open our fridge, you are sure to see several Snap containers. On their menu you’ll find a variety of health-conscious items ranging from Salads to Bison Quinoa Hash. All of their items are grab and go so you won’t have to wait! Whether your craving a warm dish, a fresh salad, or a green juice you’re sure to find something nutritious that you’ll enjoy! You can find a Snap Kitchen in several Neighborhoods including Uptown and Addison! Photo Credit: Snap Kitchen Facebook Simply Fit Meals For our last grab-n-go option we had to mention Simply Fit Meals. Just like the last one, the name says it all. They have a great selection of meals to choose from and a variety of meats! For those of you looking for a vegan or vegetarian option, they have a few options like cauliflower curry and black bean burgers! And of course, they have a variety of salads and juices to choose from. They also have juice programs for those of you looking for something like that! Photo Credit: Simply Fit Meals…

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