Why You Should Rent An Apartment

Why You Should Rent an Apartment In The Fall/Winter

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Moving in the colder months, Psh! Who does that?! We do. Hear us out… Sure, moving in the Fall/Winter may not be as popular as a Summer move, but it definitely has it’s perks! Whether you’re looking for a new apartment, your own place, or relocating to Dallas for a new job, here are 4 reasons why you should rent in the Fall or Winter. Demand is Lower  Many people choose to move in the summertime because there’s more time on their hands. School is out, the days are longer, and we’re looking for any excuse to use that PTO. When the season ends, most people settle into their routine (school, work, etc.), and the demand to rent slows way down. This is the time to strike while the iron is hot, and save some serious cash! with a lower demand, rent is generally cheaper in the Fall; and if you really want to save money, consider a 15 month lease. Longer leases are typically lower in price and if you sign at the right time, it can end the following Winter, thus saving you more money on your next move!! Win, win. Serious Specials Trendy Summer moves = slow Fall/Winter rental market = sweet, sweet deals and specials. Lucky You! Properties NEED to lease their units, but no one likes to move during the holidays, so it’s common to hear about deals intended to generate traffic like, “Two months free,” or “Don’t pay rent until January 1st!” This is…

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Best Craft Breweries in Dallas

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Dallas is a rising city that has been building on their area’s strength by increasing sustainability, innovation and collaboration to improve the life of future generations. Their main focuses have been on public transit and walkability, enhancing infrastructure and connecting people through the use of rising technology. An initiative called the Dallas Innovation Alliance plans to incorporate LED lighting, public Wi-Fi, digital kiosks, open-source platforms and smart water and irrigation systems. However, the quality of life for their citizens and city-goers doesn’t stop at these broad ideas. Alongside their rise in technology and innovation, Dallas’ local beer scene has exploded. Dallas offers exclusive offerings encompassing an array of flavors that exemplify what the people of Dallas crave. From fresh, fruit-flavored light beers to piney darker-styled ales, not only can any beer lover find an option that resonates with them inside the city, but those who might just be getting into the craft beer scene can discover beers they never knew existed. Local breweries have been experimenting with putting crazy ingredients into their barrels to reinvent what is possible to cultivate in a beer. They’re even borrowing techniques from the creation of scotch to promote innovation and new ideas. Beer reviewers have been buzzing about all the new hype circling the city and praise the exponential growth that has been occurring. A few years ago, their input may not have been so positive, but the Northern Texas scene has seen a total revamp since then. Since 2011, Dallas has increased their…

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west dallas aprtment


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WEST DALLAS – ONE BEDROOM DEAL – $1075, details below!!   Ditch the guess work and check out our 360 video tours!! *works best on YouTube app or on computer* A4 898sqft • 360° video (on mobile click here) B1 1138sqft • 360° video (on mobile click here) — Need more or less space? Check out the other amazing deals – $1062-$1442! $1062 • 732sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1075 • 898sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1113 • 899sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1117 • 899sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1133 • 899sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1292 • 850sqft • 1 bed/1 bath with garage $1429 • 1138sqft • 2 bed/2 bath $1442 • 1189sqft • 2 bed/2 bath — If you’re interested in living on the perimeters of Dallas in a vintage inspired apartment, we’ve got your back! Located minutes from the shopping, dining, and entertainment of the Bishop Arts District with easy access to I-30 and I-35. If you’re a golfer, enjoy proximity to Stevens Park Golf Course, with some units even boasting golf course views. Modern finishes include quartz counter tops and wood style floors. Large walk-in closets, stand up showers, and private garages offer indulgent convenience. — We are living for these views and crazy good prices. Check out the 360 tours–Yeah, we continue to do the damn thing! There’s a limited number of apartments with this pricing, so don’t wait! — Don’t have a Smart City Agent? Call/text 214-586-0519 and get hooked up with an agent today for accurate pricing and availability!* *These…

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Why You Should Move

Why You Should Move And Use Smart City

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Y’all, so much is happening at Smart City. We have been working hard to bring you the best prices in the city over on our Instagram. If you don’t follow us, you should. We can also get you in touch with one of our awesome, Dallas agents who can find you a space to be yourself! We pride ourselves on treating our clients like friends, texting faster than we talk, and working hard because we care. So let’s talk apartments, find you a sweet place to call home for the year, and grab a beer to celebrate. Cheers!   Why you should move AKA do not stay in your current apartment. Once your lease is up, you probably shouldn’t re-sign at your current spot. I know, it sounds obnoxious. You have to go through the hassle of finding a new place and then you have to move all of your things… It’s a pain. But, there are several things that override these issues.   Specials, Specials, Specials! Ahem, Free Money. When you head over to a new spot and sign a lease, often you can snag a solid special. Currently, we know of several complexes running one month and even two months FREE!! This has a massive impact on your rent. Say you find a $1,400 one bedroom apartment that you absolutely LOVE. It’s new, it’s fancy, but it breaks the bank. If they are running two months free, your rent comes down to $1,166 on a 12 month lease!…

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victory place

Smart City Negotiated Deal — Victory Park

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VICTORY PARK – SMART CITY NEGOTIATED DEAL – $1305-$1764, details below!!   Check out our 360 videos!! *works best on YouTube app or on computer* S4 618sqft • 360° video (on mobile click here)   A5 724sqft (similar to the A7) • 360° video (on mobile click here) — $1305 • 535sqft • studio/1 bath $1380 • 618sqft • studio/1 bath $1667 • 710sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1652 • 769sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1764 • 769sqft • 1 bed/1 bath — Luxury living in Victory Park, this beautiful complex is perfectly nestled between the Design District and Uptown. Easy access to the Katy Trail and steps away from the American Airlines Center equals hella good times. Enjoy open layouts with floor to ceiling windows, tile walk-in showers, granite countertops with subway backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. Not to forget about the Downtown views from the rooftop swimming pool, as well as the other amazing community amenities such as the yoga and cross-training room, the sky deck with outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and lounge seating. Why leave home when you have all this? — We love this location and these killer prices! Check out the 360 tours–Yeah, we did that!– of the S4 618sqft floor-plan and the A5 724sqft floor-plan (very similar to the A7 floor-plan on special). There’s a limited number of apartments with our negotiated pricing, so don’t wait! — Don’t have a Smart City Agent? Call/text 214-586-0519 and get hooked up with an agent today for accurate pricing and availability!* *These deals lease…

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amalfi negotiated deal

Smart City Negotiated Deal — Frisco

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FRSICO – SMART CITY NEGOTIATED DEAL – $799-$1599, details below!!   Check out our 360 videos!! *works best on YouTube app or on computer* A1 603sqft • 360° video (on mobile click here)   B1 1045sqft • 360° video (on mobile click here)   T2(Townhome) 1689sqft • 360° video (on mobile click here) — $799 • 603sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $899 • 762sqft • 1 bed/1 bath $1149 • 1045sqft • 2 bed/2 bath $1199 • 1153sqft • 2 bed/2 bath $1299 • 1166sqft • 2 bed/2 bath $1599 • TOWNHOME • 1689sqft • 2 bed/2 bath — Built in 2014, this pet-friendly complex in Frisco, TX combines convenience and comfort with amazing landscaped grounds and luxurious amenities both inside and out. Beyond the beautiful grounds, you get a 24-hour fitness center, an outdoor fireplace, BBQ grills, sparkling pool, and valet dry cleaning. Get to know the community with the resident happy hour events! Let’s not forget about the inside with the granite countertops, accent walls, walk-in closets, tall ceilings, and stainless steel appliances. We can’t even. — This is literally the only time we’ve seen units this nice go for this cheap, and we’re here for it! Check out the 360 tours of A1 603sqft floor-plan, B1 1045sqft floor-plan, and Townhome 1689sqft (yeah, we just did that!). There’s a limited number of apartments on special, so don’t wait—let’s RAAAGE! — Don’t have a Smart City Agent? Call/text 214-586-0519 and get hooked up with an agent today for accurate pricing and availability!* *These deals lease fast. The only…

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dallas amenities

The Top 5 Apartment Amenities That Dallas Renters Really Want

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Amenities are a big deal in the apartment world. In fact, I may or may not know someone who was convinced to apply at a specific complex because the on-site gym equipment boasted the same leather that Ferrari uses; also, that person may or may not have been me. Regardless, some major perks of living at an apartment instead of a house are the included AMENITIES. In a recent effort to get a leg up on other properties, developers have been getting creative with the added benefits. We wanted to know which apartment features y’all think are worth it, considering that renters are the ones actually paying for them in the long run. After asking our people and doing some digging, we put together a quick list of the top five amenities that add true value to an apartment. Check it out and let us know if you agree! DOG PARKS A clean and well lit place to bring your four-legged friend to frolic around, take care of business and roll in the dirt (WITHOUT HAVING TO LOAD HIM IN THE CAR AFTERWARDS) is practically non-negotiable. Photo Cred REAL FUNCTIONING FITNESS FACILITIES A big gym with new, well cared for equipment (including more than one squat rack) saves cash and the commute for the gym rats–extra karma points if there’s a yoga studio. Photo Cred NICE ASS POOLS In case you weren’t aware, Texas is really f*ckin’ hot, so the only good reason to be outside in the Summer is to…

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Survive and Thrive: Tips for Having an Unforgettable Summer in Dallas

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It is no exaggeration that Dallas can be a challenge for mild-weather friends. On average, the DFW metroplex sees around 18 days of temperatures over 100 degrees during the summer months, and even those that hover in the 90s and 80s can feel like you’re baking in an oven. But North Texans still love hanging out in their city during the summer, and there is a good reason for it. Yes, it’s insanely hot, and most of the popular Dallas summer activities like Six Flags, the Dallas Zoo or the Arboretum are going to be packed with families since school is out. But don’t let that stop you from visiting during the summer. With tons of ways that you can get around the heat, the city still has plenty to offer that will keep you cool and entertained. Five Survival Tips to Beat the Dallas Summer Heat From event venues to foodie heavens, there are so many places to visit in this city. Before you look at all the different things to do in Dallas this summer, keep in mind these five strategies that’ll hold the heat at bay and make your time much more enjoyable. 1. Stay Inside in the Afternoon During the summer, the best and most obvious way to outsmart the heat is to get out of it. Why not escape to the peace of the art museum and spend a few hours checking out the paintings and sculptures? If that’s not your speed, you can also…

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5 Tips To Make Your Apartment More Bearable This Summer

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Everything’s bigger in Texas–the food, the festivities and the fahrenheit! Some might say that a Texas summer can emulate the fiery depths of hell. From burning your bum on the car seat (leather is NOT your friend) to a lobster red sunburn, summer in Texas doesn’t mess around. It’s been so HOT lately that unless you’re heading to the lake or pool, leaving your apartment isn’t an option. Which is why we put together a few pro tips to help you make your apartment more bearable while you surf this summer heat wave… clothing optional. 1. Avoid cooking with the stove This seems obvious, but your stove/oven is the biggest culprit for turning your comfortable apartment into a stifling hot, death trap. So, pass on baking the frozen pizza and try a summer salad. Your summer bod might even thank you! Photo Cred: Erin Kunkel 2. Snow cones, popsicles or both What better way to keep cool then with an ice-cold treat? Get yourself a shaved ice maker or popsicle mold and go full Willy Wonka meets Mr. Freeze to create your own delicious, chilled-out confectionary–boozy snow cones, anyone? Photo Cred 3. Fans, fans, fans Ask Beyonce, there are no such thing as too many fans, especially the kind turning a hot, stuffy room into a breezy oasis. Ceiling fans, floor fans, box fans, YOU NAME IT! Pro-tip: Get a bowl of ice and place it in front of your floor fan…ta da you have a makeshift air conditioning unit!…

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Five Kickass Property Pools

The Best Apartment Pools in Dallas

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Have you always dreamed of living in a sweet apartment with the best views, but most of all a kickass pool?! Us too! Especially right now, because let’s be honest… it’s 108 degrees today and we’re all suffocating. We searched high and low and talked to all of our people to find the best pools in Dallas. Check it out and let us know which one is your fav! THE ASCENT Photo Cred – The Ascent Nothing beats this infinity pool that overlooks the AAC. The Ascent pool in Victory Park is one of Dallas’ newest and wow does it blow us away. Invite us over if you move here, please and thanks.   PRESTON HOLLOW VILLAGE Photo Cred – Preston Hollow Village FB Fire pit + a pool? Cool, we’re in. (but we may wait until December..) The best of all worlds. Live, work, and play in Preston Hollow while soaking up some rays in their massive pool.   555 ROSS Phot Cred – 555 Ross FB Pools are good, rooftop pools in downtown Dallas are better! With an incredible view of the skyline, outdoor kitchens, and entertainment lounge, 555 Ross is begging to host an epic party–especially after the sun goes down!   THE BRADY Phot Cred – The Brady If we’re talking pools, cabana is one of our favorite words (besides pizza-slice-pool-floaty, of course). It might not come with poolside beverage service, but the personal cabanas and tanning ledge at the Brady give us serious high-roller, resort vibes….

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