Austin Amenities Worth Moving For

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Have you taken a close look at apartment amenities lately? Properties are finding more ways to lure in leasers by way of deluxe infinity pools and poolside cabanas, swanky dog parks and gym facilities that would make a Jersey Shore juice head swoon. Impressed? Child’s play. Sometimes you’ve got to throw in a little something extra – “pizzazz”, if you will. Here are five Austin amenities worth moving for: Steiner Ranch Hello, there, rejuvenating hydro-massage studio! You read that right: rejuvenating-hydro-massage-studio. Feeling a little tight after your workout in the 24-hour cardio and strength center? No problem – lay back in the hydro massage chair and let the warm, flowing water pressure alleviate that for you. Anyone else’s jaw just drop a little? South Any pro golfers in the house? Semi-pro? Well, this brand-spanking-new property has a golf simulator available to its residents! So, whether you’re a pro or not, you can take a few swings at learning the game or just sinking a few holes… virtually. If golf isn’t your thing and you’re wanting a little more zen, then just hit up the outdoor yoga space that’s on-site. This property definitely didn’t skimp when it comes to adding amenities that can serve as tie-breakers when you’re choosing your next apartment. Southwest Amenities have gone to the dogs (and we aren’t upset about it). Skip the cost of taking your large dog to the groomers because bath time in a garden tub is miserable – just take them to the…

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Austin Apartment

Essential Steps To Finding An Apartment

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It’s that time again! Your lease is ending soon and you’re ready for a fresh new pad! But you literally have no clue what to do or where to even start– and that’s okay! We’ve made a quick list of essential steps to take to ensure you’re finding your next apartment the right way! Know What’s Goin’ On! Knowing when your lease is up is a must! Don’t let it creep up on you and send you into a “three weeks to find a place” frenzy! The best time to start looking is within the 60 day window before you’ve got to move out of your current spot. This is because pricing and availability change almost daily, and we want to ensure you receive the most accurate leasing information available before committing to anything. Also remember that most apartment management companies require a 30 to 60 day notice to vacate; DO. NOT. FORGET. TO. SUBMIT. YOUR. NOTICE. Let’s talk money. Do you know your budget? Ramen noodles are good and all, but you might not want to live off of noodles for a year just to cop a unit with a wine fridge, #prioritize. Be reasonable and realistic about what you’re willing and able to to spend on rent each month, and still afford paying other bills and having fun. It’s SUPER important to know where you stand financially, be aware of certain requirements that complexes may have; like making three times your rent amount! And if you don’t, do…

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apartment with.a yard

The Dirt on Apartments With Yards

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71% of people we surveyed said that they’d rather rent an apartment with a private yard than one with an attached garage, and we get it. Having a yard expands your space from four walls to the great outdoors. Obvious perks to having a yard include having space for a dog to run around, to keep a really extensive garden and to entertain, because sometimes sitting outside with a drink is more fun than sitting inside with a drink.   When trying to decide if an apartment with a private yard is right for you, here are a few things to consider:   The simple math is that the more perks an apartment boasts, the more it costs to rent. In our experience, a unit with a yard is about $200 more expensive than the same floor plan without a yard. Apartments with private yards are limited and because the availability is slim, these apartments are more difficult to find and rarely ever receive any kind of discount/concession. Units with yards are ALWAYS on the first floor, obviously, and for some people that is an issue. Direct access to the ground level can feel unsafe to some, sometimes on the other side of the fence there can be unpleasant views like electrical boxes or parking lots, and it’s possible that being on the ground level makes your space more prone to bugs and tracking in dirt. Is the juice worth the squeeze, or rather the yard worth the cost? For…

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Ceiling fan

6 Tips To Make Your Apartment More Bearable This Summer

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Summers in Texas are HOT, which is an understatement. So unless you’re heading to Barton Springs or the lake everyday, you might just consider hanging at your apartment the majority of the time. So, here are some tips to make your apartment a little more bearable during the summer heat wave! 1. Non-Oven Meals Try to avoid running anything that puts off heat; such as electronics or cooking on your oven or stove. Check out these 10 easy no-cook summer meals! Or use this time to have all of the P. Terry’s you could ever dream of delivered to your place. Photo Credit 2. SNOW CONES!! Get a shaved ice maker…because snow cones! Snow cones make everything better, and if you can make them at home, you never have to go outside again. Photo Credit 3. Ceiling Fans = Lifesaver Crank the ceiling fans! Ceiling fans don’t actually cool your apartment down, but they circulate the air making your space feel cooler–and that’s all that really matters. Photo Credit: Yours Truly 4. Go Full Vamp Go full on vampire! To keep the heat out, close all your blinds and/or get some black out curtains to block out the heat from the relentless sun. Photo Credit 5. Kiddie Pool, Anyone? Not into public swimming at the property pool? If your unit is equipped with a private yard, get yourself a kiddie pool; and if not, ice bath? Photo Credit 6. Arctic Tundra Temps If you’re not one of the people turning…

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"a space to be yourself" mural with sun and cacti

A Space To Be Yourself: Smart City’s New Austin Mural

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A space to be yourself. This month we were finally able to complete a long awaited passion project–our first mural in Austin! With the help of local artist, Tara Johnston, we brought Austin a super cool mural that conveys and illustrates the purpose of Smart City–connecting people with the space to be themselves! CEO and Founder, Cassie Brown said it best, “In a world full of high expectations, pressure and deadlines, just know that there is always a space to be yourself.” Everything we do as a company is an effort to help people find the space to be themselves, whether it’s a dream apartment in the perfect neighborhood or a badass work environment dedicated to personal and professional growth (shout out to the SC Squad). We want each and every person to feel like they have a space to be themselves in Austin! Let’s talk about the talent! When looking for an artist to help design and paint the mural, we were in search of someone able to create a piece that would not only represent our brand but also pay tribute to our city as well. The mural needed to be welcoming, lively, and colorful just like Austin, and we absolutely had to throw in some cacti for good, Texas measure. After some social media surfing, we found our way to Tara’s Instagram page; what a blessing! If you haven’t checked out her work, you’re missing out (so definitely hit the link). We creeped on tons of her murals…

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Austin luxury apartment

Brand New Austin Properties Opening Summer 2019

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So you’re looking to move soon? Well, Summer is the hottest time to move (literally) and new properties are popping up all over the city.  We have the inside scoop on all of the fresh properties around Austin and we’re here to tell you about them because what’s cooler than living in a brand new, never-lived-in apartment? The Clark Photo Source Located in Downtown Austin, these luxury apartments are perfect for Austinites who want to be in the middle of it all! Offering one, two, and three-bedroom options that are fully-equipped with designer interiors. Including quartz countertops, stainless-steel appliances, gas range stoves, high ceilings, and large windows! But it doesn’t stop there; the community provides an amazing pool with a poolside fire pit, terrace sky lounge with panoramic views of Downtown, 24-hr fitness center, and game room. Rates start at $1920+. The Copeland Photo Source The ever-popular Domain area is where The Copeland lives; a brand new luxury property that offers studio, one, and two-bedrooms. If you love bright airy spaces, this is for you! Apartments include gorgeous finishes spread throughout the gourmet kitchens and spa-inspired bathrooms. With high ceilings, wood flooring, and spacious floorpans— you won’t be disappointed! Head over to the pub-style room and billiards lounge, resort-style pool and a “hideaway” pool with fire pit, dog park, and fitness center. Not to mention you’re near everything in The Domain! Studios starting at $1295+. Flatiron Domain Photo Source Located in The Domain and surrounded by all of the shopping…

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Austin Apartments Pools

Austin Apartment Pools To Slide Into This Summer

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With Texas heat on the rise, ensuring your hot new apartment has an Instagram worthy pool is a must!  To get a head start on your summertime search, check out some of our current favorite apartment pools around Austin. DOWNTOWN Ashton Austin offers community amenities that are through the roof! Not only does this luxury high-rise provide a beautiful swimming pool, but also offers an aqua lounge, spa and sundeck so you can enjoy breathtaking views of Downtown Austin, while getting your tan on. The incredible amenities don’t stop there; step into a unit with 10ft. ceilings, granite countertops, corner windows, and Roman tubs! Photos Source EAST AUSTIN We know we said ensuring that your new apartment has a pool is essential, but what about THREE POOLS?! The poolscape at Platform Apartments offers just that, plus an outdoor kitchen and TV lounge. With a backdrop this insta-worthy, channel your inner influencer and snap some wet and wild pics of you and your summer cocktail. After a day in the sun, head back to your apartment and enjoy quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, pendant lighting, and wood-style flooring. Photos Source SOUTH LAMAR Austinites love anything and everything in the 78704! Not only is Lamar Union in this prime location, but boasts a rooftop pool perfect for hanging with friends on those hot summer nights. Enjoy the panoramic views of Downtown while relaxing by a fire pit and/or getting competitive with some outdoor games. After a day of socializing, head home to floor-to-ceiling windows,…

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Austin Sports: Where to Catch a Game in Austin

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Quirky. Eclectic. Diverse. Those are words that certainly describe the population in and around Austin, Texas. They’re also a great way to describe the variety of sports you’ll find in Austin and nearby communities. Whether you prefer professional sports or amateur competitions, Austin has a sports team you’ll be excited to cheer on to victory and proud to stand by in defeat. From well-known sports like football, basketball and baseball to lesser-known sports like roller derby and ultimate frisbee, Austin sports teams compete in a wide variety of sports that have both mass appeal and cult-like followings. Austin Sports Teams Just like the city is home to an array of sports teams, Austin hosts sports events of all sorts. No matter where you’re located in the Capital City, you’ll never be too far away from a sports venue where you can catch a game of some sort. If you’re ready to watch sports teams compete in Austin, you have to know where you can find the action. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to learn about Austin sports and all the hot venues where you can see teams face off head to head. 1. Baseball in Austin If you want to enjoy some Austin, Texas baseball, the Dell Diamond should be your destination. Dell Diamond is home to the Round Rock Express, which is the AAA affiliate team of the Houston Astros. The team takes the field no less than 140 times per year. The minor league team’s regular…

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plants in a living room

7 Ways To Improve Your Environmental Footprint As A Renter

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Conservation has become a pretty big buzzword in the last decade, especially in fast-growing, highly-populated cities like the big Texas metros. As we continue to see an influx of people pouring into our cities, Austin bis starting to feel the strain and environmental impact of the increased population, thus creating a need to conserve our local, natural resources. So, to help do our part, here’s seven quick tips on ways to live smarter, reduce your carbon footprint, and save some money along the way. 1. Install LED Bulbs & Fixtures Photo by Singkham via Pexels Installing LED light bulbs is a great and simple way to be more energy efficient. If you’re not big on overhead lighting or replacing existing light bulbs in your unit, consider adding lamps with LED bulbs instead. This conserves energy while also providing varying kinds of artistic mood lighting, it’s a win, win! However, if you do end up swapping out all the bulbs your apartment, make sure to stash the original bulbs, so you can take your LED bulbs with you at move-out. Most LED light bulbs last around 50,000 hours, which equates to 11 years if used for 12 hours a day (so, pretty much forever). Plus, you paid for them, so keep them!   2. Utilize Black-Out Curtains Photo by Jon Tyson via Unsplash Black-out curtains are dual-purpose and vampire approved, since they aid both your sleeping environment and energy bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 30% of a home’s…

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Austin Springtime Event

Springtime Events In Austin

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Some say the Spring season is the best time of year in Austin! Before you know it, the only thing you’ll be thinking about is jumping into Barton Springs to try escaping the sweltering triple digit temps. So while you still can enjoy being outdoors without suffering a possible heatstroke, here’s what we recommend doing to take advantage of the season! ABC Kite Festival Image by ABC Kite Festival via Carnifest ABC Kite Fest is one of Austin’s longest-running traditions! A day long event full of kite flying fun and contests. Grab a group of friends, head out to Zilker Park, frolic around and soak up some sun. Happening: this weekend on Sunday, March 31st, so get yourself a kite (or even make one yourself), and enjoy the 90th ABC Kite Festival! Lonestar Round Up Image Charles Wickam via Bangshift If cars are your thing, then so is this annual festival! A huge outdoor car show with live music and  tons of vintage hot rods and custom cars that people from all over the country drive here for! If you’re not quite up for driving to the Travis County Expo Center, where the festival is held, make time to head over to South Congress! The vintage car owners park along the street so you can walk up and down South Congress checking out cool cars and enjoying some of your favorite Austin restaurants, bars and coffee shops! Happening: April 12-13. Eeyore’s Birthday Party Image by Ralph Barrera via Austin360 This…

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