"a space to be yourself" mural with sun and cacti

A Space To Be Yourself: Smart City’s New Austin Mural

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A space to be yourself. This month we were finally able to complete a long awaited passion project–our first mural in Austin! With the help of local artist, Tara Johnston, we brought Austin a super cool mural that conveys and illustrates the purpose of Smart City–connecting people with the space to be themselves! CEO and Founder, Cassie Brown said it best, “In a world full of high expectations, pressure and deadlines, just know that there is always a space to be yourself.” Everything we do as a company is an effort to help people find the space to be themselves, whether it’s a dream apartment in the perfect neighborhood or a badass work environment dedicated to personal and professional growth (shout out to the SC Squad). We want each and every person to feel like they have a space to be themselves in Austin! Let’s talk about the talent! When looking for an artist to help design and paint the mural, we were in search of someone able to create a piece that would not only represent our brand but also pay tribute to our city as well. The mural needed to be welcoming, lively, and colorful just like Austin, and we absolutely had to throw in some cacti for good, Texas measure. After some social media surfing, we found our way to Tara’s Instagram page; what a blessing! If you haven’t checked out her work, you’re missing out (so definitely hit the link). We creeped on tons of her murals…

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Austin luxury apartment

Brand New Austin Properties Opening Summer 2019

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So you’re looking to move soon? Well, Summer is the hottest time to move (literally) and new properties are popping up all over the city.  We have the inside scoop on all of the fresh properties around Austin and we’re here to tell you about them because what’s cooler than living in a brand new, never-lived-in apartment? The Clark Photo Source Located in Downtown Austin, these luxury apartments are perfect for Austinites who want to be in the middle of it all! Offering one, two, and three-bedroom options that are fully-equipped with designer interiors. Including quartz countertops, stainless-steel appliances, gas range stoves, high ceilings, and large windows! But it doesn’t stop there; the community provides an amazing pool with a poolside fire pit, terrace sky lounge with panoramic views of Downtown, 24-hr fitness center, and game room. Rates start at $1920+. The Copeland Photo Source The ever-popular Domain area is where The Copeland lives; a brand new luxury property that offers studio, one, and two-bedrooms. If you love bright airy spaces, this is for you! Apartments include gorgeous finishes spread throughout the gourmet kitchens and spa-inspired bathrooms. With high ceilings, wood flooring, and spacious floorpans— you won’t be disappointed! Head over to the pub-style room and billiards lounge, resort-style pool and a “hideaway” pool with fire pit, dog park, and fitness center. Not to mention you’re near everything in The Domain! Studios starting at $1295+. Flatiron Domain Photo Source Located in The Domain and surrounded by all of the shopping…

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Austin Apartment

Essential Steps To Finding An Apartment

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It’s that time again! Your lease is ending soon and you’re ready for a fresh new pad! But you literally have no clue what to do or where to even start– and that’s okay! We’ve made a quick list of essential steps to take to ensure you’re finding your next apartment the right way! Know What’s Goin’ On! Knowing when your lease is up is a must! Don’t let it creep up on you and send you into a “three weeks to find a place” frenzy! The best time to start looking is within the 60 day window before you’ve got to move out of your current spot. This is because pricing and availability change almost daily, and we want to ensure you receive the most accurate leasing information available before committing to anything. Also remember that most apartment management companies require a 30 to 60 day notice to vacate; DO. NOT. FORGET. Finally, it’s crucial to know whether you’re planning on having a roommate or if you’re flyin’ solo because this drastically effects your search. If you do have a roomie, make sure you’re both on the same page as far as move date and budget are concerned–and probably preferred apartment temperature, but we’ll save fighting over the thermostat for another blog. Hit Us Up! It’s time to link up with your Smart City agent. Tell us your wants, needs, the areas you’re interested, and anything else you prefer in a living situation! The more you tell us, the…

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Austin apartment community

How To Be A Good Apartment Neighbor

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Living in an apartment means being super close to the surrounding neighbors! In most cases, you have neighbors to your left and right, sometimes even above and below you. There are a number of things to be conscious about when living in an apartment, so channel your inner Mr. Rogers and check out our tips to being the best neighbor you can be! Loud Noises We’ll start with the obvious, noisy neighbors! Not all of us are light on our feet, so don’t expect the noise level to be on mute. However, when you’re doing a home workout or perfecting the ‘Single Ladies’ routine, make sure you’re being conscious of your stomping. While we’re on the topic of loud noises, let’s just say this; everyone can respect a good old fashioned party. BUT if you’re hosting, make sure you’re respecting your neighbors when it comes to the volume of your music and your friends; bonus points if you visit them ahead of time to set expectations! Another option is to take it to the streets and have a block party, neighbors invited! Pets We all love our pups, but let’s be honest, sometimes they have a lot to say and barking can be very distracting and annoying to your neighbors. A lot of us have to leave our furry friends at home while we’re at work, so make sure they’re comfortable! Do this by giving them the best pet care and ensuring they have everything they need while home alone. Another…

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Pet proof apartment

How To Pet-Proof Your Apartment

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We all love our fur babies, but letting them loose in your shiny new apartment can be a little scary! Not only do you want to keep your space clean, you also want to ensure your pet isn’t doing preventable damage to your apartment or furniture. So, we’re here to tell you a few tricks to pet-proofing your space!! Flooring Image Source Let’s start here, because obviously this is where your pet spends most of it’s time. If you’re four legged friends aren’t quite potty triained, it’s not a bad idea to roll up your favorite rugs and store them away while you continue training them. You can also buy baby gates to block them from going into certain parts of your apartment because unintentional dog pee is bad, but dog pee on the bed is worse! Also, consider pet-proofing your flooring to keep your place from adopting any unfavorable aromas and stains. Furniture Image Source You know that friend with the pet? The one who’s place is 50% dog/cat hair and if you’re wearing black and sit on the couch you’re basically screwed? Don’t be that friend. If you don’t have time to vacuum regularly, keep a lint roller nearby to get any hair off before having guests! You can pet-proof furniture by using Scotchgard to prevent stains as well as buying a non-toxic bitter-tasting furniture spray. The spray will teach your pet that contrary to their belief, your very chic couch (that cost so much it’s almost embarrassing)…

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Smart City Austin

Smart Looks Good On You — Why You Should Use a Smart City Agent to Find Your Next Austin Apartment

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Looking for an apartment can be stressful. Where do I look? What’s important to me? Can I afford floor to ceiling windows and hardwood floors?! Lucky for you, we’re here to help and do the dirty work for you! But why should you use a Smart City locator? To that we say, just keep reading. 😉 First thing’s first, we’re real people! What we mean is,  you aren’t getting some computer generated list of generic options–instead you’re talking to a real human who lives, works and plays in Austin! Pro tip: when we get a chance to talk to you personally, the more you tell us about yourself, your life and your priorities, the smarter we get! Then we’re able to create a unique list that is completely personalized and tailored to YOU! Our goal is to crush your wish list and get you more of what you’re REALLY looking for! Photo Cred One more time for the people in the back!! We WANT to know what’s most important to you! Have a dog? (send pics pls). Want to be close to your job or your fav going out spots? Are amenities like a pool and a 24-hr fitness center a must? All of these details come into play when creating YOUR list! Photo Cred Most importantly, WE CARE. Seriously, we do. All of our agents are real, Austin locals who know the city like the back of their hands, who care about connecting people with the space to be…

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Austin’s Classic Restaurants

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To all of our fellow Austinites, new and old. We know how important food is to you! And living in a city such as Austin, there is a plethora of amazing and iconic places to get your grub on. So to make your lives that much easier and saving you the trouble of finding these little gems, we’ve made a short list of just a few classic Austin spots that will be sure to quench your hunger! Threadgills First opened as a bar in 1933, this famous restaurant is at the top of our list. Not only because it is a true Austin staple, but because it will soon be shutting its doors on its Riverside location for good sometime this November. With that being said, get there while you still can and enjoy some live music and chicken fried steak! Be sure to check out the Sunday brunch buffet for a true Austin Sunday funday!   Matt’s Famous El Rancho Located on South Lamar, this Austin classic has stood its ground since 1952! Matt’s Famous El Rancho is totally worth the long waits on the weekend when you want to get your hands on some of Austin’s best queso. Let’s not forget about their margaritas being made with freshly squeezed limes, yum. Brunch, lunch, dinner, you name it and on any day of the week you can love it, except for Tuesdays though because they’re closed.   Hut’s Hamburgers Originally opened in 1939 as “Sammie’s Drive-In”. Hut’s Hamburgers offers…

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Get Your Caffeine Fix At The Best Coffee Shops In Austin

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Here in Austin, we take our caffeine very seriously. And now that we’re seeing the temperatures dropping, it’s true coffee season! What could be better than throwing on a cozy sweater and heading to your favorite coffee shop to meet up with friends, get some work done, or just enjoy the cool weather and most of all; get your caffeine fix. So we have a list of some of Austin’s fav shops for you to check out the cold season! Radio Coffee and Beer Located in the ’04 on Manchaca, Radio coffee not only offers some great coffee and a killer outside patio vibe; they also have 25 beers on tap! The patio is huge and they always have live music and events going on like Bluegrass Night every Monday, trivia nights and a ton more! And if you’re looking to grab some lunch you can stop at the  Veracruz All Natural  food trailer!   Jo’s With three locations in Austin, you can find Jo’s downtown, on campus, and most famously known on South Congress; lets not forget this is where you can find the iconic I Love You So Much wall. Jo’s Coffee has been an essential Austin hangout since 1999! The coffee shop has its own custom Stumptown blend and for hunger pains, they offer a variety of sandwiches and breakfast tacos on the menu.   Buzz Mill Buzz Mill is located off East Riverside and in San Marcos. It is a full service bar and coffee shop that serves…

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Pumkin patch

Spooky Szn In Austin, Texas 👻

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Yes, that’s right! It’s that time of year again; Fall! Or better yet– spooky szn! Now that it’s not 100 degrees outside, it’s time to break out the pumpkin scented candles and dig up that Snuggie you shamelessly bought back in ’09. But this being Austin, luckily you don’t have to stay at home all season because there are a ton of festive things to do! So, we’ve put together a list of things you can do in Austin to make this the ultimate spooky szn!! HAUNTED HOUSES Photo Cred For our homies who like to pay money to pee their pants, check out Austin’s House of Torment! With three scary attractions, this will definitely give you the adrenaline rush you’re looking for! While you’re there, you can grab some food and adult bevs to help take the edge off! HALLOWEEN MOVIES Photo Cred One of the best parts of Halloween is definitely all of the movies! Whether you stay in your apartment and invite your friends over for a movie night or make it a date night at Alamo Drafthouse; it’s gonna be a good time! For all of the movie buffs out there, make sure you check out the October specialty screenings that Alamo Drafthouse offers; especially if you’re into that old school spooky vibe! COSTUME PARTIES Photo Credit With Halloween right around the corner, we hope you have fire costume picked out! Because there are a ton of bars and venues that have awesome bands playing, costume…

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Why You Should Rent an Apartment In The Fall/Winter

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Moving in the colder months?! Who even does that?! We do. Hear us out… Sure, moving in the Fall/Winter may not be as popular as a Summer move, but it definitely has it’s perks! Whether you’re looking for a new apartment, your own place, or relocating to Austin for a new job, here are 4 reasons why you should rent in the Fall or Winter. Demand is Lower  Many people choose to move in the summertime because there’s more time on their hands. School is out, the days are longer, and we’re looking for any excuse to use that PTO. When the season ends, most people settle into their routine (school, work, etc.), and the demand to rent slows way down. This is the time to strike while the iron is hot, and save some serious cash! With a lower demand, rent is generally cheaper in the Fall; and if you really want to save money, consider a 15 month lease. Longer leases are typically lower in price and if you sign at the right time, it can end the following Winter, thus saving you more money on your next move!! Win, win. Serious Specials Trendy Summer moves = slow Fall/Winter rental market = sweet, sweet deals and specials. Lucky You! Properties NEED to lease their units, but no one likes to move during the holidays, so it’s common to hear about deals intended to generate traffic like, “Two months free,” or “Don’t pay rent until January 1st!” This is…

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