Get Your Game on at These Austin Bars and Cafés

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When you hear the term “gamer” these days, your mind probably races to images of people having a great time as they save humanity from zombies or other hostile invaders on a computer screen. While that may be the modern image of a gamer, the term used to be more commonly affiliated with other types of traditional games. In many cases, these games haven’t undergone an update since they first hit the market. These games sometimes require skill and sometimes force you to pray for a lucky roll of the dice. We’re talking board games, pinball machines, pool tables and arcade games. Those multi-generational games that have proven their staying power. The Renaissance of Conventional Games In recent years, people of all ages have started to seek out opportunities to play the games of yesteryear. Board games are a great example of the renaissance that traditional games are currently experiencing. In 2013, the sales of games and puzzles around the world hit a total of $9.3 billion. Just three years later that total reached $9.6 billion. By 2023, boards games sold across the globe are expected to generate more than $12 billion in revenue. With the new and renewed interest people have in more conventional games like board games, businesses that give people the chance to test their skills and luck have been popping up all over. Austin, Texas, is not an exception in this regard. Whether you want to play board games in Austin, try your hand at pool or…

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