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Zilker Park is our Favorite Austin Amenity!

Man oh man, Austin City Limits is approaching quickly! We can’t forget the batch of memories and beat drops from last year so we are even more stoked for ACL this year! Obviously, proximity to ACL is the freshest reason in our minds to live in an apartment near Zilker. Think of all the people who have to deal with outrageous Uber surges to get back to wherever they’re crashing at the end of each day. Imagine a world where your phone is dying, you can skip a band or two, run home to charge it, chug a Gatorade and come right back with no qualms. What a life. Plus, you’re going to be the hero among your friends! Just be prepared to host 12 of your “closest” friends during any festivals or events nearby.


Another great reason to live in an apartment near Zilker Park is that it really is a gathering place for people all over Austin! 350 acres of pure Austin greatness that all of your friends will always be down to swing on over to. You can pay take a dip in Barton Springs in the summertime, or dismiss the burden of finding a place to park for the trail of lights each Christmas. There’s truly something to do here all year ‘round!


Living right in the heart of Austin means easy access to everything you want and need. Signing a lease near Zilker means seamless transition from maybe working downtown, to that ever-needed after work rally, then hit West 6th for the night all without leaving your little 5 mile radius of your pocket of Austin!


Zilker is the best built-in amenity apartment because you gain a front row seat to tons of free events like Blues on the Green and the annual Kite Festival, like come on, go to the Kite Festival and I dare you not to be filled with joy. Also, if you’re that spontaneous person in your friend group who is always like, “Hey guys, what are you doing RIGHT now??”, then deciding mid-afternoon that you want to drop everything to go hiking or paddle boarding is less of a hassle because hey, you’re already right there.


Best of all, you’ll never be more than one picnic blanket away from the most wonderful afternoon.

If you want to find an apartment near Zilker, give us a call or text at 512-815-2317 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!