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Your Apartment Isn’t In Deep Ellum? Here’s How to Enjoy it Anyways!

 We love finding you the best apartments in Dallas, and we especially love when we get clients from out of town because we are obsessed with Dallas and are thrilled to show newcomers around!  The great thing about all of the popular Dallas neighborhoods is they are all so close to each other, so you could live in the Medical District but still Uber over to Deep Ellum in 7 minutes and have a ball.  Deep Ellum has been called the most progressive and eclectic neighborhood in Dallas, let us show you why it’s our favorite!

Alright, let’s get the obvious out of the way here: Deep Ellum Brewery.  They have tours on Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons, you get 3 beers and you get to keep the glass!  Come gather here to fight the current of water-down beer from the big beer companies and sip on brews like Neato Bandito, which is an imperial Mexican style lager, or their Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout (wait, what? That’s a beer?), which is a Baltic porter.  Even if you don’t know all that much about beer, there are as many good vibes as there are beers to go around.

Sure, we can’t all afford to live in Dallas apartments with awesome rooftops.  So, naturally the next best thing is to go to bars with rooftop decks and downtown views!  We totally dig Green Room, Whit’s End, and new kids on the block, Salser.  Green Room is totally a place to unwind with your buds without getting caught in some crazy crowd.  And what could possibly be more relaxing than catching views of your fabulous city, cocktail in hand without a care in the world?  Nothing.  The answer is nothing.