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Why You Should Rent in the Fall or Winter!

While renting this time of the year may seem like the less popular option, it definitely has its perks.Whether you’re graduating college, or relocating to Dallas for a new job, here are 4 reasons why you should rent in the Fall or Winter!

Demand is Lower 

Many people choose to move in the summertime because there’s more time on their hands. School is out, and it’s a popular time to go on vacation with family or use that PTO to have a week long getaway with friends. In the winter time, most people are settled in with their routine and back to work or school.  The demand to rent is low because it’s just a busier time for everyone. This however, is the time to swim against the current and rent!

Rent is generally cheaper in the winter and if you really want to save money, consider a 15 month lease. They’re usually lower in price and if you sign at the right time, it can end in the Fall, thus saving you more money the next year!! Win, win.

Serious Specials

Due to the trend of renting in the summer, apartments are crazy slow during the Fall and Winter, so they will offer sweet deals and specials because they need to lease their units. No one likes to move during the holidays, so you might hear deals like, “Two months free,” or “Don’t pay rent until January 1st!” This is no joke. It happens. It’s only mid-October and we’re already hearing some of these deals. Follow our insta: @smartcityapts for our favorite specials on the reg.

Packing and Moving is Just Easier

Who said packing has to be boring?! Pop open a bottle of wine, light up that pumpkin spice candle, turn on your favorite holiday playlist, and start packing! I know what you’re thinking – that sounds like a date minus the packing, am I right? Why not invite some friends. Whatever you do, make it fun.

If you’ve ever had to move in the Texas heat, you probably swore to yourself you’ll never do it again. Do yourself a favor: Do NOT do it. The best time to move is in the Fall when the air is cool, but there’s just enough sun on you to avoid goosebumps. You’re not dying for water every 5 minutes and you’re definitely not sunburned by 3:00pm. So seriously, do yourself a favor and wait ’til its cool outside!

Brand Spankin’ New Apartments

We love new properties. They’re shiny, clean, and they offer the best of the best in amenities. Bonus points, you’ll be the first person to take a bath in that bathtub! They also have cheaper bills (ahem, above), and they shamelessly want you to sign with them. We know of lots of properties opening within the next few months that will be knocking down our doors to share their savvy rates and new property specials with you.

So in all seriousness, Winter and Fall are the best for getting your groove and move on. The best part of all? We’re here to find you your new dwelling with our immense knowledge of the coolest neighborhoods, rates, specials and our unique ability to cater to each individual client! For absolutely zero dollars whatsoever. Yes, you heard us right. Smart City is a FREE service! Call / text us today at 214-586-0519 or fill out our online form and we’ll get to working on finding your new home to move into this season!

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