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Why The Domain is a Built-In Amenity to Your Austin Apartment!

Imagine you’re two hours out from a dinner with your new significant other’s parents who are in town, you’re down to your last clean pair of jeans because laundry day is upon you. You spill wine all over your jeans and start to panic because the outfit you had picked out already took you so long and you refuse to start over. Living in an apartment next to The Domain means you can easily pop into a solution for your cabernet mishaps. That, my friend, is brilliant.

Duh, shopping is life. But there is more to The Domain than just the shopping! Having an apartment in North Austin up by this gathering of nearby amenities is a dream. You get to be right next to the Apple Store meaning when you drop your phone AGAIN and need to get that cracked screen fixed, you’ll be right around the corner. We’ve all been there when you crack your phone screen and wait days and/or weeks to finally drag yourself all the way to the Apple Store to have it fixed. Living closer means closing that gap of time because you have no excuse!

Blo, the blow dry bar that will prove remedy to all of your “wait, what is happening with my hair even?” days and be a place of rescue to your “I feel fancy af today and I deserve this” kind of moods. Skip the arm workout of blow drying your own hair and let someone else do it for you.

You know that feeling when you want a milkshake but you also wouldn’t mind a bit of a buzz? Try the Malted Maple Adult Milkshake at Punch Bowl Social in The Domain. Or perhaps you’ve been reading all of these recipes on cauliflower and you want to jump in on the trend. The cauliflower nachos here are a pretty good first step to the Learning to Like and Understand Cauliflower series.

If you’re looking for an apartment in Austin near The Domain, give us a call at 512-815-2317 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!