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Why an Apartment in Downtown Dallas is Actually the Coolest Thing Ever

Living downtown in any city means urban lifestyle to the max, but we love downtown Dallas especially because it’s a manageable type of urban. You don’t have to memorize the DART system in order to understand how to navigate our downtown, it’s actually quite walkable. Downtown Dallas doesn’t swallow you whole like an apartment in New York would. It has a concrete jungle feel to it without being too intimidating. Downtown isn’t everyone’s pace, but here’s how to tell if it may be your scene:

If you have ever stumbled upon a bar with like 3 people in it, probably somewhat underground, and had at least an hour long friendly debate with the bartender about which Leon Bridges song hits the hardest, downtown may be your thing. If you fancy a park with abstract art over an open field by the lake, downtown may be your thing. If you like to look over your city like Batman looks over Gotham, but from your bedroom window, downtown may be your thing. If you walk/Uber more than you actually drive your car, downtown may be your thing.

A lot of people think you have to live in a vintage loft in order to swing downtown, but that isn’t the case! We have plenty of high end high rise clientele find exactly what they’re looking for when we tour them at some of our favorite downtown apartments. But don’t get us wrong, we are obsessed with all of the cool lofts downtown. One of them even used to house the FBI at one point! Such rich history makes you feel more connected to your city on a super poetic level.

So, the next time your friends say, “let’s go to The Woolworth for drinks!”, take a bit more of a look around. You could definitely be that downtown Dallasite, we know it’s there somewhere.

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