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What Are the Best Dallas Neighborhoods to Live In?


Deep Ellum

We’ve already told you why Deep Ellum is our favorite neighborhood to hang in right now, but it is so worth mentioning again.  There is so much cool stuff to do here.  It is walkable, and super up-and-coming with plenty of late night places to hit up for eats and treats, like Glazed, the always classic Buzzbrews, and new kids on the block Braindead Brewing.  Deep Ellum is also a perfect neighborhood to get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about.  There’s just about one tattoo shop on every block.

Knox Henderson

We believe Knox/Henderson is the most approachable neighborhood of the popular Dallas neighborhoods, which makes it a great place to live if you aren’t from Dallas! It is the place we recommend for a lot of transplants who call us moving to Dallas from wherever around the country looking for a Dallas apartment.  There are plenty of bars and restaurants that will give you a fun and wild night out, but also a good balance of chill things to do with your (new) friends!  This area is also ever-growing in popularity, with new additions High Fives, a great place to grab a drink and play corn hole with friends, and The Eberhard, Knox/Henderson’s first night club.  Though, let it be known, they have a great happy hour.


We don’t have to tell you this.  You already know Uptown is great, that’s why it is typically the most expensive area to live in.  Almost every sector of Uptown is incredibly walkable to plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops.  Even if you can’t walk to it, whatever you want or need is probably very close.  One of the best parts of Uptown is The Katy Trail, which runs all the way down through Knox/Henderson!  Katy Trail is a great way to exercise and is always flocked with active Dallasites.  Uptown’s night life is anything but boring and usually chock-full of people ready to dance at the drop of a hat, or beat, or whatever.

Medical District/Design District/Oak Lawn

Here’s why we love these neighborhoods, they are right next to these popular Dallas neighborhoods we are already discussing, but with better price tags.  Sure, you aren’t in the absolute mix of things, but you are pretty darn close.  Besides, even if your apartment is in the best neighborhood, you can only live right next to so many things, which means Uber will eventually play a role in your Dallas life no matter where you live.  Embrace it and save so much money on rent it’ll make your head spin.

If you are interested in living in one of these neighborhoods, give us a call/text at 214-586-0519 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!