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What Are the Best Austin Neighborhoods to Live In?


We know you already know this, but 78704 is hands down the best neighborhood to live in.  This is where Austin got it’s “weird” that we so lovingly hold onto.  SoCo has been around for so long and has always been cool.  With remarkable, vintage places to visit like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Blue Velvet, New Bohemia and SoCo’s legendary Vintage Market Days, you’ll never run into the same shopping trip twice.  Live close to downtown and give yourself super easy access to the weirdest bars, restaurants, and shops around town!

East Riverside

Grab a cup of coffee at BuzzMill or hit up The Blue Ox BBQ and make it out in a fraction of the time it would take you at Franklin’s.  Living close to music venues like Emo’s make it easy to live a chill, Austin lifestyle.  In the slight chance you hail from Dallas or are familiar with that other huge Texas metroplex up north, we rated Deep Ellum one of our favorite Dallas neighborhoods to live in.  We feel as though East Riverside is the Deep Ellum equivalent of Austin.  All around cool and getting cooler by the minute.

South Austin

You’d be surprised how much a zipcode can affect your rent.  If you live in South Austin, you are a quick Uber to downtown, SoCo and East Riverside.  Living in South Austin is a great and cost effective way to lower monthly costs by either biking or Ubering to your favorite parts of Austin!  You still have wonderful access to shops, bars, and restaurants right out your front door as well as super easy access to Hwy 35 in most cases!  Even if you live in 78704 or East Riverside, you can only live in walking distance to so many things, so embrace Ubering as a way of life in ATX and watch as you rake in the cash each month on all that money you’re saving on rent!  Some of our favorite South Austin spots include The Peached Tortilla, Habanero, Pie Plante, La Patisserie, Uchi, and Henri’s!