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We Have A Surprise!

We released an app! And you want to get it. Wanna know why? (Or just trust us and CLICK HERE to download it.)

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Do you want your next apartment hunt to be easy as pie?

Do you like learning more about Dallas and Austin?

Do you want to make easy money for referring friends?

Our brand spankin’ new app has tons of cool features that turn all of these things into possibilities with the tap of a finger. If you or anyone you know is moving in Dallas or Austin at any point, like ever, it’ll be extremely helpful for the whole process.

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If you’re looking for a sweet new place, browse our Austin and Dallas apartment listings, updated daily, which feature property photos, maps, descriptions, and assorted floor plans. If you see something you like, feel free to give us a quick call or shoot us a text for an agent to set up a tour and find similar properties in your price point. If calling or texting is too out of your way, just fill out the quick apartment search form for an agent to get in touch with you quickly.


With our referral program page, make $30 whenever you send people our way and they lease through us. Simply go to the referral page form and put in your contact info and the contact info of a person you know who’s moving. We’ll get in touch with them and work our apartment finding magic (at no cost to them at all), and as soon as they sign a lease, we’ll send you your money. For each and every friend. Each and every family member. And each and every random person you meet at a bar or on the street, as long as you fill out the easy referral form with your and their information. Making money doesn’t get much more basic.

If you’re a Dallasite or Austinite who isn’t moving in the super near future and doesn’t know many people moving soon either, don’t worry! The app is still for you. Check out our locally centered Smart City blog for weekly updated blog posts on everything Dallas, from the hottest spots to live and play, to the best bars to watch the game this weekend, and everything in between. Plus, whenever you do hear about that friend planning on moving, you’ll have easy access to our referral program, AKA easy access to the simplest 30 bucks you’ve ever made.

The best thing about our new app? Just like our apartment locating services, it’s totally free. Available in Apple iTunes App Store, search “Smart City Locating” or CLICK HERE to download.