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Top Five Things to Look For in an Apartment!

There are plenty of great apartments out there, choosing between all of them can be difficult.  First of all, using an apartment locator (ahem) sure does help!  Locators here at Smart City are great at finding the perfect place for you, but it totally helps to know what you want and what is important to you.  It’s all too easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of how pretty all of the apartments are, and we would hate to see someone neglect these important factors and find out the hard way half-way through their lease that they should have paid more attention.  Here are the top 5 things to look for in an apartment:

Great Management

Let’s say you move into a brand new apartment with all of the finishes you wanted and those beautiful wood floors you couldn’t live without.  No matter how much you love the place or how new it is, things go wrong, things break and life happens.  If your dishwasher floods or your bathroom door handle falls off and you are waiting for days to even hear back from your leasing office, you have a problem.  You need management that you can trust and who puts more value in the rent you pay them each month.  Sporadic responses and management that only half-listens to you is unacceptable and should be taken into consideration when choosing an apartment.

A Floor Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle

Sure, you find out about an amazing deal on a studio, but you have a king size bed.  I’m no mathematician, but some things just don’t add up.  Another problem you could run into with a floor plan mismatch is storage.  Closet space is important, but so is extra storage throughout the apartment for things like winter clothes and things you don’t need access to every day.  Some people travel from apartment to apartment easily, but others keep everything and need ample places to give all of your belongings a home.  It is important to know what you need space-wise or you will be really frustrated with your apartment when you could’ve been in LOVE with a different floor plan at that property.

Washer/Dryer Included…Or Not Included

This may seem obvious, but not all places have this feature.  First of all, if you already have a washer/dryer, you don’t want to go to a place that already has them because some apartments may not be flexible.  They probably don’t have a way to store extra washer/dryers on the property so they cannot remove them from the unit.  Then on the other hand, if you do not have washer/dryer, you will then have to either rent to fit the connections which adds more money to your monthly costs, or if there are no connections then laundry will definitely be more of a process to figure out.  Be sure to talk to your apartment locator about your washer/dryer situation so that they can find you the right apartment that fits your laundry needs.

Energy Efficiency

We all want to feel good about making the earth a better place than the way we found it.  In recent years, apartment complexes have majorly improved energy efficiency.  Some of our favorites include recycled glass counter tops, rain gardens that provide innovative water quality treatment, low-flow plumbing, NEST thermostats, energy efficient appliances (which give you significantly lower bills) and energy efficient windows that hold in more of that precious, and expensive, air conditioning here in Texas.  Not only does living in an energy efficient apartment give you more peace of mind, it also saves you a considerable amount of money.

Visitor Parking

Last but not least, this is a commonly overlooked feature.  It is easy to get caught up in finding exactly what YOU want, but you have to remember that you aren’t the only one experiencing this humble abode.  What’s the first thing you do when you get all settled in your new place?  Have ALL your friends over to see it, of course!!  You want to show off this new place you’re obsessed with but it can be a huge pain with crappy visitor parking.  Some people are more into going out and don’t usually have friends come by, so visitor parking may not be all that important.  But for anyone who wants to be hosting guests, you want reliable parking so it isn’t a chore or 401k hit to pay for parking nearby.  Bad parking is just plain annoying.

We want your free apartment locator experience to be as beneficial as possible, so we love to get to know our clients and get a feel for what you want as well as things you don’t even realize you want.  We here at Smart City have a knack for understanding those hidden, but very important, wants and needs.

If you’re ready to get started on the apartment search process or if your lease is up soon and you want to get the ball rolling, give us a call or text 214-586-0519 (Dallas) 512-815-2317 (Austin) or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to get connected with one of our locators! We can’t wait to help you find that perfect place that hits the spot!