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Reasons Your Dallas Apartment Just Can’t Even With All This Rain

Okay, fall. We see you with your incessant rain and all. Here’s why our apartments weren’t ready for this monsoon weather:

First of all, let’s collectively admit that wine glasses get left on the balcony from time to time (after a bottle), so now your neighbors will think you’re some degenerate as you have to empty all of the rain water and probably clean up glass from the ones that got knocked over. Lesson learned, wine nights on the patio need to not end in a face-down couch sleep before a proper patio check.

Secondly, you had just found that sweet spot of being done with your air conditioner and not having to use your heater yet. You were soaring in the freedom of lower bills and opening the windows all care-free and whatnot. Then, out of no where the humidity hits. Suddenly your apartment feels like a swamp and you’re forced to cling to your AC again. Say goodbye to that sweet spot and hello to that mid-fall transition of falling asleep with your feet under the covers, then switching to out of the covers, then back under again, then…well, you get it.

Lastly, we are realizing that mid-October is finally bringing us to the end of summer days. Your pool is probably full to the brim of rain water and leaves and surely the management team will be on top of it, but it’s still a sad visual while your days of shenanigans at the pool flash before your eyes in one, suntan-oil laden breeze.

Rain is a good thing and all, but we just need a minute to adjust to all of the wetness. Dallas is a city that completely shuts down in a snowstorm, and borderline considers shutting down over the rain. We all get those flash flood alerts and wonder why life isn’t cancelled due to lack of Netflix and blankets at the office. Dallas is full of hustlers, but boy do we love a good comfy day. Smart City Locating is full of apartment locators who will tour you rain or shine and help you find that place that CAN even.

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