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How to Avoid Traffic in Austin!

We’ve all seen the crazy statistics of how many people move to Austin each day, and when we’re sitting in traffic we begin to wholeheartedly believe these outrageous numbers.  There are so many of us here, obviously because Austin is awesome.  But traffic is un-awesome.  Check out our list of Austin apartments located in pockets of this great city that will help you avoid the traffic on I-35!

Beautiful Brand New Downtown Property!

Unique features like butcher-block kitchen islands, no breed restrictions for your pooch, and rain gardens to provide innovative water quality treatment can be found at this hideaway from the gridlock!  Cut through the weeds by taking Caesar Chavez from this location.  This property is even a LEED-gold certified project!  Getcha green on without getting your angry traffic face on to-and-from home in this lovely Austin apartment.

Studios starting at $1485, one bedrooms starting at $1735 and two bedrooms starting at $1950.  Four weeks free. 

Gorgeous New Property Downtown!

Escape from the bumper to bumper by cutting through Caesar Chavez again at this new property.  Customizable luxury with a choice of polished grey concrete or wood flooring, six accent wall options, modern moen fixtures, and a choice of two different beautiful countertops.  Be sure to check out their life-size chess set and fully equipped bike shop and storage!

Studios starting at $1370, one bedrooms starting at $1600 and two bedrooms starting at $2150.  $500 off. 

New South Austin Property with Stunning Amenities!

Here you’ll find plenty of historic trees, trees almost as historic as the idea of a traffic-free Austin!  Amenities that make you feel like one of the elite like private poolside cabanas, a shaded hammock area, a bocce ball court, ceiling heights ranging up to 15ft, and panoramic downtown Austin views!  Quickly shoot over to Congress to skirt the rush hour (or just every hour) traffic and get to that happy hour sooner!

One bedrooms starting at $1490 and two bedrooms starting at $2067.  $500 off one bedrooms and $1000 off two bedrooms. 

Impressive Downtown High Rise!

Instead of spending time sitting in Austin traffic, relax on the spectacular rooftop deck on this property.  The best way to avoid traffic is to have everything already at your fingertips, just like the best way to avoid a skiing accident is to not ski.  Capiche?  Located right on Rainey St, giving you easy access to downtown and keeping you in a bubble where I-35 doesn’t exist, this high rise was built to be a stunner.  Floor to ceiling windows, open floor plans, unique closets, and spa-inspired baths.