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Exploring Uptown Apartments for Dallas Living

Dallas is an exciting city to live in, with top shopping, a huge variety of restaurants and clubs, and competitive costs of living.  Narrowing down your choices of where to live, though, can be a challenge, which is why we at Smart City Apartment Locating want to help you find your dream Dallas apartment.

Living in downtown Dallas is often hyped, but apartments in the Uptown area are also growing in popularity.  Here are just a few of the features that are drawing more people to McKinney Avenue, West Village, and Uptown apartments.

New Features and Entertainment

Many locals describe Uptown as being more revitalized and hip than downtown Dallas.  In the last few years growth has been slow in the old downtown area, while Uptown has experienced an influx of tenants and businesses.  Although many professionals work downtown, they prefer to live and spend their leisure time uptown at the newer bars and clubs.

Accessibility and Convenience

Much of Dallas is segmented, with office buildings in one area and living communities in another, but in Uptown Dallas entertainment, work, and living spaces are blended.  This creates a more interesting backdrop and makes it easier for residents to access all kinds of amenities.  Most of Dallas boasts great pubic transportation, but Uptown is considered one of the most pedestrian-friendly parts of the city, making getting around even easier.

Start Searching Today

Space in Uptown is increasingly in demand, so if you’re interested in an apartment in an area like West Village or State Thomas, don’t delay looking for too long.  Give Smart City Apartment Locating a call today at 214-586-0519 so that we can help you find the perfect Uptown apartment.