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Deep Ellum is a Neighborhood on the Rise!

Deep Ellum, DallasDeep Ellum is a neighborhood located just a few blocks east of downtown Dallas.  Today it is a thriving center for arts and entertainment.  However, Deep Ellum is an area with a varied and colorful history as well.  Deep Ellum first came to prominence in the 1880s when Munger Improved Cotton Machine Company brought their factory here.  Thirty years later Henry Ford would build his first major Model T factory outside of Detroit in Deep Ellum as well.  As the manufacturing industry of Dallas grew in this neighborhood, so did a nascent jazz and blues scene.  On any given night in the 1930s you could find a prominent artist like Robert Johnson or Huddie “Ledbelly” Ledbetter singing their particular style of blues music in the district.

Today, over eighty years later, the spirit of these early artists is still alive in the many music venues and restaurants that operate in the area.  Deep Ellum went through a boom in the early 1990s that saw the number of attractions, night clubs and restaurants sky rocket.  The 2000s saw a leveling off of these businesses as Deep Ellum became a well-rounded residential neighborhood, building new lofts and renovating old apartments, reducing crime throughout the area and even opening a dog park.

Businesses in the area remain as eclectic as ever.  Deep Ellum features a mixture of restaurants, art galleries, bakeries and design studios.  For one of the best burgers in Texas try Twisted Root Burger Co. on Commerce Street.  If their fresh ground beef burgers don’t satisfy, then their homemade sweet potato fries and Root Beer are sure to get the job done.  If you are looking for a nice spot to relax and watch the comings and goings of Deep Ellum, then Café Brazil coffee house is a local hotspot that you shouldn’t miss.  After a cup of joe, you can stop in at Kettle Art Gallery.  Here they feature weekly exhibitions of local, national and international artists.

Deep Ellum is a neighborhood once again on the rise.  In 2010 the neighborhood welcomed the introduction of two new stops along the green line of DART light rail. This improved access to the area and made an easier commute to work for many of the new residents of Deep Ellum.  In that same year the neighborhood welcomed a new 350 unit residential complex.  This new trajectory for Deep Ellum is exciting.  It is one that promises to make Deep Ellum a comfortable and vibrant neighborhood to live in for years to come.