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Dallas Townhome Rental Spotlight

If you’re in that in between phase of, “I’m not ready to commit to buying a house, but I’m also becoming too adult to lease another 500-square-foot apartment” — or if you just need more space for activities — we got you. Townhouses are like the stepping stones between leasing regular, ‘ol apartments and buying (or, more accurately, financing) full-blown houses. And we know of tons in the Dallas area that can offer you everything you could possibly need — from multiple stories, bathrooms, and bedrooms, to backyards with patios and grass areas for the dog (or kids) to play outside on.

From West Dallas to Upper Greenville, properties all around town have ramped up their townhome game, and we’re stoked on them. A roomier abode like a townhouse is ideal for multiple-roommate situations (who can divvy up the rent) or small families building their way up to purchasing a house. It’s almost like a test-run for getting a house… How, you ask?

Well, you can’t get a townhome for the price of a normal apartment. They’re always going to be slightly pricier, because it’s more space than an apartment, and it’s made to feel more house-like than apartment-like. So, you’ll be getting used to budgeting for house payments, while also feeling at home in a place that actually feels like a home, rather than a life-size box. (Hey, y’all know we love apartments. They’re kind of our business. But we can all agree that this isn’t not true, right?)

What we’re saying is, townhomes are not for everyone. But if you’re one of the lucky and lovely looking for a townhouse, we’ve got options galore in any part of town your heart desires. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Oak Lawn:


This two bedroom and two and a half bathroom townhome has an attached garage, comes with a washer and dryer, and boasts all the luxury, high-end finish outs you could ever want. But at a brand new property built in Oak Lawn last year, would you expect anything less? Nope.

Townhomes start at $2,038 per month.

Deep Ellum:


This 1999-built property is in the process of getting a major makeover. The recently remodeled three bedroom and two and a half bathroom townhouse is a steal here, and it’s new look is too good to pass up. Granite countertops, stainless appliances, and fresh touches of sophistication, like tile backsplash and crisp white cabinets? Yes, please.

Townhomes start at $1,935 per month.

Medical District:


This area is quickly up-and-coming, and you’ll see why at this property. Live in a spacious, recently-built two bedroom and two and a half bathroom for a fraction of what you might pay in Uptown, with the kicker that it only takes a few minutes to get to Uptown via car or Uber! We love.

Townhomes start at $1,878 per month.

Upper Greenville:


A complete three bedroom and three (full-size) bathroom townhouse is like finding gold in this town, but this property is proud home to a handful. Over 1,400 square feet of upscale amenities and modern features fill out this gorgeous townhome, and it’s a super easy drive to all the best Lower Greenville and Knox/Henderson pubs, local shops, and dining destinations.

Townhomes start at $2,430 per month.

West Dallas/Bishop Arts:


Backed up to the Trinity River Trail and offering unbeatable views of downtown Dallas’ skyline, this beauty of a property has got a lot going for it. In the one bedroom and one and a half bathroom townhome (with an attached garage, cha-ching), you can feel right at home right away in this near-Bishop Arts location. Who wouldn’t want to be a short bike ride from Oddfellows?

Townhomes start at $1,730 per month.

If looking into and leasing a townhouse seems like a smart step for you to take right now, we’re your people. We know of all the sweetest deals in the Big D, and we know we’ll find just what you’re looking for. Call or text us anytime at 214-586-0519, and we’ll get you out of that in-between phase and into your new townhome.