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Dallas Apartments With Innovative Amenities!

Pretty much all apartments have a gym and a pool for you to use at your own disposal but what if you had some more options like a wine tasting room or a bowling alley? Now those are some amenities we can get behind! With more and more apartment complexes popping up every day, we found some of the coolest apartments that offer some really out of the box amenities. Here is our favorite list of Dallas apartments with innovative amenities!


This property is great for people who want to build their IQ, prevent Alzheimer’s, use both sides of their brain and strengthen their memory. BECAUSE they have one of those huge chess sets for you to play with! This apartment is actually going to make you smarter! It’d be super fun to play chess outside on a nice sunny day! Plus, they’ve got open layouts, a dog park for your dog, bike storage and really affordable pricing options.


Studios starting at $930, one bedrooms starting at $1033, two bedrooms starting at $1635 and three bedrooms starting at $1750.


There really isn’t a better feeling than laying in a hammock, drinking a margarita and feeling the cool breeze of the ocean blowing through your hair. Now scratch the ocean and imagine you’ve walked outside of your apartment to a peaceful Zen garden with hammocks! Hello, peaceful Zen haven. Nothing sounds more delightful after coming home from a long day’s work. This property is brand new and offers beautiful finishes, kitchen islands and wood-like floors.


Studios starting at $1226, one bedrooms starting at $1299 and two bedrooms starting at $1872.


If you’re into lofts and private bowling alleys then this place is going to be #goals. Beautiful loft options with downtown views, walk-in closets, floor to ceiling windows and sliding barn doors are just a few things that will entice you more to this property. AND, there’s a bowling alley. None of your other friends are going to get their own bowling alley! They’ve also got some other great amenities like a wine tasting room, indoor and outdoor movie theater and resident wine and dinner nights!


One bedrooms starting at $1350, two bedrooms starting at $1650.


We love our dogs and we want them to have room to run, play and make friends wherever we live. This property is definitely going to meet all of those requirements because it’s perfect for all dog lovers! They have their own little dog pool, two different dog parks, an on-site dog grooming studio, and vending machines that sale things like collars and dog treats! They even have an online scheduling system where you can schedule grooming and dog walks as well. Plus, the property features stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, beautifully finished cabinets and washer/dryer connections.

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One bedrooms starting at $1429 and two bedrooms starting at $2199.

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