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Brand Spankin’ New Dallas Apartments Opening Summer 2016

It’s summer! Time to find you a sweet place to live. New apartment properties in Dallas are perfect for this because, surprisingly, the newest apartments have the best deals!! They want to get you in the door, and that means specials upon specials. If any of these catch your eye, shoot us a text or call at 214-586-0519. We’ve got all the deets on these and more!

Here are the hot properties popping up around the city:


Right by Love Field and right in the Medical District — you can be on that Grey’s Anatomy ish at this cute AF property! Jet off to see your McDreamy, and hop on over to Baylor to pretend you know what a code blue actually is. First move-ins are on June 24th, so you could be the real O.G.s of Crest at Oak Park. Help break in their private park for pups, outdoor kitchen by the pool, and convenient 24 hour fitness center!

Studios starting at $1,053 plus one month free, one bedrooms starting at $1,232 plus one month free, and two bedrooms starting at $1,795 plus one month free.


You are adulting, hard… But it’s still nice to cut loose sometimes. Aura Cedar is the perfect place to balance being a super serious adult, and a once-upon-a-time party animal! Aura is the spot to be if you love to experience all sides of Dallas’ culture, and also — there’s a fourth floor sky lounge. Whaaat?! Dallas has one of the most beautiful skylines, and to think, you could be peeping at that in your PJs all day long!

One bedrooms starting at $1,175 plus one month free, and two bedrooms starting at $1,730 plus one month free.


High rises are #goals. One Uptown is glass on glass – it looks like a bad ass space station. So if you’re on that Apple watch, self-driving car, new age type of game, you’ll love being in this beautiful luxury apartment! Not to mention, you’re right in the heart of Uptown, so talk about location envy! Live it up like Elon Musk.

Pricing not yet available.


So you gotta live in Dallas, but you also love the outdoors; sounds like a dilemma, but Modera has the perfect solution! Modern isn’t far from West Village (so you’ve got all your city shopping, dining, and entertainment needs met), but it’s also across the street from Cole Park and has access to the Katy Trail (so you can run and breathe in actual fresh air — not apartment 23’s AXE). Talk about the best of both worlds!

Studios starting at $1,465, one bedrooms starting at $1,510, and two bedrooms starting at $2,320


Brick walls, concrete floors, exposed ductwork… Probably your parents’ worst nightmares, but MOM, it’s cool now! The Butler Brothers building was built in 1910 and was home to a few Dallas businesses over its life span; it’s now an actual home, completely gutted and remodeled, and it captures all of the beauty and history of urban living. Mom doesn’t have to worry!! You’ll be taken care of here with all of their kick ass amenities, and even your parents’ beloved grandpuppy will be treated like royalty (helloooo dog spa). Not ruff at all!

One bedrooms starting at $1,586 plus up to two months free and two bedrooms starting at $2,034 plus up to two months free.


Let’s throw it back a little — remember Cheers? How dope is it to go where everybody knows your name? That’s the sorta vibe you get in West Dallas, because it’s got such a great community feel! That’s where Alexan West is, and you’ll be so close to so many cool bars and restaurants that you’ll feel like you’re living your own sitcom. It’s got all the fabulous city amenities, but you don’t have to feel like you’re lost in the direct bustle of downtown. West side best side, amiright? 

Pricing not yet available.

If you want the nitty gritty details on any of these, call/text us at 214-586-0519 or fill out the apartment search form! Either way, we want to hook you up with a sweet place to live!