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Brand New Apartments in Dallas Opening Fall/Winter 2014

Let’s be honest, trying to rent an apartment in Dallas has become a shit show. There is a brand new property in every direction you look, areas keep changing from cool to uncool and back to cool again, and sometimes it’s just hard to keep up. The prices today are different from the prices yesterday, and you know that tomorrow they’ll try to charge you even more. You’ve got options people… this is why you need Smart City!! We’ve got the scoop on all the apartments and neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis and we can keep you in the loop on the newest of the new properties being built right meow.

SO… we did some digging, calling, researching, exploring and analyzing and we hammered out a solid list of our fav new construction Dallas apartments that are opening in the fall/winter of 2014. Lookie lookie!

Brand New Dallas Apartments

3700M – Picture all the comforts of home, if home were a five-star resort. Nestled right in the heart of the West Village area of Dallas, this luxury high-rise complex is a true work of real estate art! Walk to Mutts Cantina, Dallas’ first dog park and bar, or stroll on over to the many specialty shops of the historic West Village! Whether you’re an avid shopper, diner or just love to explore the newest places in town, this brand new property is sure to please. For the Uptown coolio bro, you GOTS to live here.

Brand New Dallas Apartments

District 1444 – Thinking about moving to the Design District? It’s a win/win. Known as one of the most eclectic and vivacious areas in Dallas, the Design District boasts some of the best food (hello, FT33!) and shopping. This gorgeous new property will have a pool deck lounge with cabanas overlooking the city skyline, a state of the art fitness gym, gas fire pits and gardens all around. Not only this, but the complex is also having local artists compete in designing the District 1444: The Design Village’s cow art installations. For the peeps who want to be close to everything, but not stuck in the middle of it all, this is the sweet spot for you.

Brand New Dallas Apartments

Sylvan Thirty – Consider Sylvan Thirty your brand new crossroads for shopping, eating and living! This mixed-use development is easily accessible by foot or bike, making it one of the most talked about up-and-coming communities of 2014. If the incredible Dallas skyline doesn’t peak your interest, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the immense amount of community extras, including a huge farmers market, public art displays by local artisans and even an Italian- and Napa Valley-inspired eatery, Bottega Italia. Not to mention, these luxury loft-style apartments will be decked out with all of the hottest amenities! Close to Bishop Arts too. For the hipster that can’t live in Austin, Brooklyn, or Portland… this property will be the perfect crash pad.

Brand New Dallas Apartments

Elan City Lights – Scheduled to open late this year, this luxury property boasts one of the best locations in Dallas-Fort Worth! Conveniently located seconds to Downtown with direct access to Highway 75, Elan City Lights is redefining apartment living. Best of all? It’s totally affordable! Whether you’re taking your furry friend over to Kylde Warren Park for some fun in the sun and food truck cuisine, touring the famous Perot Museum, or taking in Dallas’ vibrant nightlife, it is definitely worth your while to give this brand new complex a second look. For the city goer with champagne taste on a beer budget, this casa es su casa.


The Branch – Opening the first week of October, this master community is already planning to be way more than just a neighborhood. With a variety of well planned, luxury apartment communities all in one location, The Branch is shaping up to be one of the biggest new developments in Dallas-Fort Worth! Residents will have the luxury of deciding between one of the three gorgeous communities within the Branch to live in: The Live Oaks, The Teak or The Ash! Not only this, but the entire neighborhood will be ideally located within steps of the Katy Trail and merely minutes from unique dining, upscale shopping and popular nightlife. Various units will include backyards, two-car garages and more!  This place is all about the perks, guys, and you do not want to miss out!

They’re pretty much constructing a new apartment complex on the daily here in the DF-dub. Some are cool and some are insanely overpriced, and you probably need some guidance on which apartments are the BEST apartments. Smart City to the rescuuuuue! Give us a ring-a-ling at 214-586-0519 or run a free Apartment Search for all the cool spots in DFW, or to prelease one of our favs above! Did we mention that it’s free? WINNING.

Oh, and follow us on instagram @smartcityapts. Smart City out.