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The Best Hidden Bars in Austin

Did you ever wish you could live in the 1920’s during the Prohibition era and walk into a Speakeasy where you could drink in secret? Well you’re about to experience what it’s like to time travel, because Austin has some of the coolest hidden bars and speakeasy’s we’ve ever seen. These places are super exclusive and intimate. Some of them require a password or a code to get into which is what makes them unique. Get away from the crowds on Sixth Street and add these hidden gems to your Austin bucket list!

Floppy Disk Repair Co.

Don’t let the name fool you. What looks to be a place to get computer hardware fixed, turns out is one of our favorite secret spots. This hidden bar is right beside the infamous Handlebar (bar featuring a rooftop with fun games, photobooth, and a see-saw!) on the corner of 5th and Brazos. The only catch is how to get in. This place it kept a secret because they change the code to get in every week, and you can usually only get it through a friend of a friend. Walk into an intimate setting through beaded curtains and be greeted by the doorman. There’s also a red neon sign (snap a quick picture for the gram) that says “MMM… your hair smells pretty.” The drinks are amazing, the swing seats rock, and the intimate setting is unbeatable.


Garage Bar

Ever want to grab a street in a parking garage? Well in this Austin favorite, you can actually make that dream come true. This bar is tucked away in a garage on the corner of Colorado and West Sixth Street. All you have to do to find it is look for the sign that says “Cocktails”. This bar has an upscale setting despite what the title may make you think. There are also the most delicious drinks such as the “Indian Paintbrush” (sweet and fruity) and the “Forked Tongue” (spicy and bold).


Firehouse Lounge

Accurately depicted in the name, this firehouse turned hostel is another well kept secret in the heart of Austin. The firehouse was first built in 1885, and the hotel now keeps the aesthetic and ambiance similar to the original look. Not only is this a hostel, but it is also a hidden bar and venue. Slide the bookshelf (think Harry Potter) below the hostel to get into the private bar and enjoy live music, drinks, and good vibes only.


Midnight Cowboy

Located on infamous East 6th Street, this speakeasy is a quiet getaway from all the hustle and bustle. If you’re looking for an intimate and private bar with an old school feel, this is exactly where you’ll want to be. Their excellent hand-crafted cocktails and reserved seating make for an unforgettable experience. How do you get in? Simply look for a black door and press the buzzer that says “Harry Craddock”!


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The Seven Dallas Street Murals That You Need to Instagram, Like Right Now

Instagram is awesome! You love it, we love it, we love that you love it. However, at times, inspiration takes a hiatus and posting interesting, vibrant pictures becomes a challenge. Instead of recycling the same content from last week (how many brunch pics is too many–asking for a friend), let us help. It was tough, but we picked seven of the MANY (seriously, so many) amazing murals decorating the streets of Dallas that are sure to spice up anyone’s feed!  

Cactex @adivadill

(Phot Cred)


The eclectic AF workshop Mini-Fab in Oak Cliff commissioned a mural by Dallas artist Wheron that’s begging to go on your social media (guys, it’s titled with a hashtag); and if this isn’t aesthetically pleasing, then we don’t know what is! The black and white color scheme is perfect for any Insta feed and the blend of cartoon skeletons, cacti and pineapples, I mean C’mon! Go snap a cool pic, and pick up an equally as cool gift while you’re at it!

Find it at Mini-FAB,  718 W. Davis St. Dallas Tx, 75208

colorful diamnods

Colorful Diamonds

(Phot Cred)

The bright colors and contrasting black lines of this diamond mural by Thornton Jeff and Miguel Barajas are making our edgy, artsy Insta-dreams come true. Painted on the side of the Whippersnapper bar next to High Fives, it makes a great backdrop for your Friday night out photo, but the lighting is better in the early morning and the mural is just steps away from Houndstooth Coffee so don’t rule out an AM photo; because honestly, if you don’t Instagram your latte art, did it really happen?

Find it at the Whippersnapper, 1806 McMillan Ave, Dallas TX 75206

le soliel

(Phot Cred)

Mural of the Sun

Deep Ellum is crawling with street art! This sun burst painting is one of the most recognizable murals in the area and we understand why. It’s huge with bright, warm colors and feels something like the final scene of an old western movie (without all the dust and guns.) This is the perfect backdrop for a group photo, so grab your crew and post some #squadgoals. 

Find it at 2606 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204

good morning dallas

(Phot Cred)

Good Morning Dallas

This wall does not get enough credit. It’s pastel, whimsical, and located on the side of the Dallas Contemporary! Make a day out of it and visit the industrial-style art gallery, because we’re sure there are more photo ops inside. You can even be ironic about it and post a pic of this wall at night; we don’t care, it’s your prerogative.

Find it at the Dallas Contemporary, 161 Glass St, Dallas, TX 75207

american flag

(Phot Cred)

American Flag

It’s been said (we’re sure) that it’s every Dallasites civic duty to snap a pic in front of the American flag painted off of Commerce Street.  Also in Deep Ellum, this mural lives on the side of St Pete’s Dancing Marlin and although the street parking can make it a challenge to get the perfect picture, it’s possible! Plus it’s walking distance from a handful of other really cool murals, bars and restaurants. Don’t feel limited to the 4th of July for a patriotic post; but if you just so happen to be in Deep Ellum on the 4th, make it happen, #merica!

Find it at St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin, 2730 Commerce St. Dallas TX 75226

i love tacos

(Phot Cred)

I Love Tacos So Much

We’re not sure if you can call it a mural, but it’s rad and relatable. Next time you’re in Uptown craving tacos (so like, tomorrow), stop by Urban Taco and snap a pic in front of the “I love Tacos” selfie wall by Luis Muñoz. According to an article in the Dallas Observer, every selfie taken in front of the piece tagged #ilovetacossomuchdallas and #urbantaco will be matched by a $1 donation from Urban Taco to the Ronald McDonald House! So go ahead and selfie for a good cause, but it’s probably best to do it before you get your nom on and the food coma sets in.

Find it at Urban Taco, 3411 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204

colorful pentagons

(Phot Cred)

Graphic Colorful Pentagons/Diamonds

This amazing mural by Ricardo Paniagua in West Village uses color to create dimension, and we’re in love with it! It’s bright, funky and totally worthy of your next profile picture (new pic, who dis?) We don’t have to tell you that West Village has a lot of really cool shops, eats, and entertainment goin’ on, but if you needed another excuse to check it out, this is it!

Find it at the parking lot behind LOFT, 3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX, 75204

How to Sunday Funday in Austin!

Austinites know how to Sunday Funday like no other city. While most people would consider this a day to cure their hangovers and wounds from the weekend, Austin knows how to keep the party going! This is an actually thing here ya’ll, we’re not kidding! We know all the perfect spots to be when you’re looking to chase away those Sunday scaries. Now get your group of friends together after you Saturday night out and relive all the memories you made the night before and run to Rainey! Here’s a few of our favorite locations around town if you’re looking to keep the ball rolling!


If you have never been to Rainey, think of it as that small town feel right in the middle of the city. There is so much character and charm in which is what makes this so special. In rows of little quaint bungalow style bars, lies endless amounts of options for you to explore! This is a super popular area on Sunday’s so make sure you get here early to beat the crowd and avoid the wait!

Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

If you’re looking to sip on some manmosa’s (yes MANmosa’s because they’re huge) and listen to live music be sure to stop at Banger’s for their Sunday brunch from 10am-4pm! There’s also outdoor seating and an off the leash dog park so you can bring your furry friend along to hangout! If champagne isn’t really your jam, choose from their super long list of beers! They also have plenty of fun games like Jenga to play with your crew.


Lucille Patio Lounge

Chill in hammocks here that are an all time favorite, after a long weekend of boozing. With a 1920’s feel in here (inspired by a flapper named Lucille) you will feel all the Rainey vibes while you’re sipping on a sophisticated cocktail from their handcrafted list. Plenty of outdoor seating and dog friendly, you will soon understand why the name includes patio lounge!



Newest and coolest on the block, is this hot spot! There’s a whimsical carnival feel right when you walk in! We can’t stop talking about the oversized Moscow Mules either. Perfect for Sunday Funday to share with your homies! Grab some delicious treats like funnel cake sundaes and mini corn dog baskets as well if you don’t feel like drinking. There’s also live music all the time (because it’s Austin, we are known for our live music!) This is a place you’ll want to stay at all night long and never leave because you’re having such a good time.



If dive bars are more your thing, check out Blackheart which has more of that feel. With dark reclaimed wood and a Victorian style, you will soon fall in love with this charming whiskey bar. They also are well known for their cocktails here. Perfect for when you are looking for more of a low key experience on Rainey Street. There is also two outdoor stages where artists frequently perform at!


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Deep Ellum Venues and Local Musicians Who Play There

It might be festival season, but you don’t need to wander around the SoCal desert, wearing a flower crown to experience musical magic–Hellllllo Deep Ellum! Dallas is a musical hub harboring some serious talent; and if it had a designated music district, Deep Ellum would be it! With more than a handful of venues, Deep Ellum has become the home base for many local bands and musicians to come to and play for eclectic crowds of twenty and thirty-somethings. Because Smart City loves Dallas and music, we’ve compiled a list of four Deep Ellum venues you’ve got to check out, as well as four local Dallas musicians/bands you’d be crazy to miss!


trees 2

(phot cred)

1. Trees

If you’ve ever looked into seeing a concert in Dallas, then you know about Trees. Local and national musicians of all caliber have been gracing this Deep Ellum stage for nearly 30 years; Kurt Cobain even got into a notorious fist fight here. Legit! After it shut down for a minute, Trees reopened in 2011 and continues to remain a right of passage for all music-loving, Dallas residents. Seriously, you have to go here!


three links

(phot cred)

2. Three Links

Three Links is a cool, intimate bar where you can catch some extremely hot, local music at a very close distance. Since opening in 2013, it now sports 16 beers on tap, 40 canned craft beers, and what the owners say is “one of the best top shelves in the neighborhood”. (is it just us, or are you feeling thirsty?) With a garage door and full Fuzzy’s Taco Shop menu, Three Links is a Deep Ellum staple and the perfect place to craft beer and chill.


(phot cred)

3. Adair’s Saloon

If you go to Adair’s Saloon, be prepared to leave a mark–literally! What some call graffiti, Adair’s calls art and they’ll even provide you with a marker to sign or draw wherever you can find a space. Adair’s Saloon is the kind of place that feels familiar from the very first time you walk through the green, glass door. This countrified, watering hole has live music seven nights a week and during the moments that there’s no one playing, the jukebox is!


(phot cred)

4. The Prophet Bar

One half of what is referred to as “the Door Clubs”, is the Prophet Bar which credit’s itself as spearheading Deep Ellum’s art and music scene after opening in 1985. Backed up against (and sharing a bathroom with) the Door Bar, the smaller venue continues to host some extreme talent and maintain it’s mysterious, slightly divey vibe with the longstanding purpose of fostering the arts and the liberated attitude that comes along with them.



texas gentlemen

(photo cred)

1. The Texas Gentlemen   

You can’t talk about Dallas musicians without mentioning the Texas Gentlemen. What started as a backing band, has become a rotating collection of all-star musicians led by producer and operator of a local music studio, Modern Electric Sound Recorders, Beau Patrick Bedford. Although they’ve been playing all over the country, they can be seen performing at Adair’s Saloon and other similar venues around Dallas. The Texas Gentlemen are representing country-soul music at its purest. Bonus, they’re doing it while donning matching retro t-shirts–group Halloween costume anyone?


cure for paranoia

(photo cred)

2. Cure for Paranoia

Dubbed the “Deep Ellum poster boys” by D magazine, Cure for Paranoia are creating soul infused hip-hop that has people fan-girling all over Dallas! The funky quartet is fronted by local rapper Cameron McCloud, who has openly discussed his bipolar paranoid schizophrenic diagnosis and credits the moments he spends making music for keeping him sane. We think it’s totally kickass that the mega-talented group are shutting down stereotypes that surround mental illness with their dynamic sound and modern, cool-guy aesthetic.They’re blowing up, so make sure to catch them live while they’re still regularly playing shows at Three links and the boozy Deep Ellum coffee shop, Drugstore Cowboy.  


Trent Rush

(photo cred)

3. Trent Rush

Growing up as the son of an international rock drummer, Trent Rush always knew he wanted to center his life around music. A song writer inspired by Janis Joplin and Coldplay, who’s music parallels the pop aesthetic of The 1975, is making the kind of tunes you’re likely to belt out during your daily commute. His lyrics are interesting and catchy, and the music is impossible not to dance to–sorry not sorry. One of our favorite things about seeing Trent live is his apparent love of performing! Every show is a production and it’s obvious that entertainment is a top priority. Rush’s music is downright addicting, and we’re always happy to catch him at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum.  


Sam Lao   

(photo cred)

4. Sam Lao

Named “the Best Music Act” of 2014 by D magazine, Sam Lao is breaking into hip hop music in a very pro-female way. She’s working hard to make music that other women can relate to without being limited by the preconceived standards surrounding female musicians. With hard bars and purring vocals, Sam Lao is the best of both worlds. Her latest album, titled SPCTRM, is an ode to her vast creative range, which no doubt is what makes categorizing Lao nearly impossible. If we had to try, we’d say she’s a totally unique blend of strong female performers like Rihanna, Beyonce, and MIA. Truthfully, Sam Lao is a one size fits one kind of artist, and we can dig it! Catch her performing at Trees as well as Deep Ellum’s Club Dada.

The Best Food in Bishop Arts!

If you’ve never made it out to Bishop Arts, you need to ASAP. This neighborhood is located in West Dallas and has a chill, local vibe. It can be hard to know where to eat when you visit a new neighborhood. Luckily, we know all the hot spots you NEED to try!


Sure to impress any guest you have in town, or for a refined break from the $10 bottomless mimosa charade in Uptown, this will be a nice change of pace. American bistro with Southern low-country that will have you missing your super conservative Grandma’s cooking because damn can that woman whip up a feast.



Don’t be intimidated by the bougie-sounding name; this place is amazing. Farm-to-table at it’s 214 finest with menu items like Crawfish Beignets with smoked pimento aioli. Stop convincing yourself that the poached eggs you made at home even hold a candle to this stuff. Put on a scarf and go outside of your apartment.



Odds are, you’ve seen a Snapchat from one of your friends in Dallas from this restaurant because this is the place that has tableside smores! *Cue flashback from The Sandlot about having more smores* Super approachable with their come-as-you-are feel and their warm southern cooking; this is sure to become a new neighborhood favorite when you live in Bishop Arts.



Incredibly intimate setting with spectacular cuisine and an owner who is genuinely present, this restaurant will make your visit here unforgettable. This place probably only fits 48 people max and if you’re there for a birthday, they’ll dim the lights for the whole restaurant to take a moment to celebrate. We love VH Oak Cliff because it encapsulates the very thing that differentiates Bishop Arts from other trendy neighborhoods in Dallas. It’ll pull you deeper into the moment you’re in and into the delicious dish you ordered.


If you want to live in the middle of this amazing food scene, give us a call or text at 214-586-0519 or fill out one of our apartment search forms and we can hook you up!

Domain Living: North Austin’s New Hot Spot!

The newest hot spot in Austin is the Domain and we got you covered on fun things to do here while also living in an amazing apartment! This lifestyle center is something everyone wants in their city and we love the Domain for giving us everything and then some in north Austin. With it being a huge hub for shopping, entertainment, and amazing food spots, we cannot get enough of this location! After being stuck in that rush hour commute, you will want a place where you can have everything in walking distance. Save your time and money by living here! Imagine living in a luxury property, walking out your door to do some shopping, laying out by the pool, and then going for happy hour with your closest friends. You may dream of having all this in walking distance… Unreal, right? Not at all. You really can have it all if you decide to live here and we know you will want to after you see these gorgeous properties!

Sports Lovers Paradise

For all of you sport lovers out there, we have this first property that is surrounded by awesome bars and food joints. Whether you feel like going to TopGolf to have some target practice and drink a beer, or if you want to walk to Domain Central Park with your dog, the location of this property has so much to offer. It is also a pet friendly community so you can bring your dog along! With full amenities and luxurious units, this place will feel right at home for you. Some of the features include stainless steel appliances, island style kitchens, walk in closets and washer/dryers included in each unit. Each unit is spacious with floor to ceiling windows as well. This community also includes a gym with a spin studio if you want to get in a sweat. It also includes an outdoor fireplace if you and your friends just want to kick it and grill by the pool. Seriously, the options are endless for cool things to do at this property!


One bedrooms starting at $1600 and two bedrooms starting at $1875

Shopaholic’s Dream Come True

Next up, we have an awesome property for those of you who love weekends full of shopping all day and dancing all night! This is right beside Neiman Marcus, and all the high end boutiques that will make you shop til you drop! Right around the corner is one of Austin’s newest and trendiest night clubs called the Rose Room. You can get anything from bottle service inside to a chill quiet patio setting on the outside with a gorgeous views. This community has features such as a rooftop terrace, two beautiful pools, and also a garage to park your car! The amenities in these upscale units include quartz countertops, keyless entries, wood flooring, and stainless steel appliances. This location is perfect and in the heart of the Domain! It seriously doesn’t get any better than this.

Screenshot 2017-04-03 15.18.38

One bedrooms starting at $1374 and two bedrooms starting at $2392

Nature Lover’s Getaway

This third property has awesome amenities such as an infinity pool deck, a garden terrace, and green living initiatives. The interior is stunning as well with gourmet kitchens, pendant lighting, private balconies, and walk in closets! We know Austin is all about being green and eating greens as well, so this is why we think the property is the perfect one for those of you who are looking to keep it healthy and also keep the earth happy! Get some yoga in before your work week because CorePower Yoga is only a short walk away. Also if you are hungry after your workout but looking to skip the bar food, Whole Foods and Mad Greens are also in walking distance. If you are looking for a relaxing day, Domain Central Park is literally in your backyard! You will definitely live a luxurious life at this amazing property at the Domain.

One bedrooms starting at $1250 and two bedrooms starting at $2062

Queso Quest: Best Places to Chip and Dip in Austin!

In Austin, we are absolutely obsessed with any related to Tex-Mex and tacos and of course our favorite; chips and queso! We are excited to share all that this energetic city has to offer. Some great places to eat queso is just one of the many reasons why we love Austin so very much. For all you foodies out there, we are on a queso quest to find the best places to kick back and enjoy no matter where you live. Let us take you on a journey across Austin where you can chip and dip all you want!


Lets start off with a classic place known as Chuy’s in South Central! This is an Austin original and is always packed with people who are looking to get the ultimate queso experience while also sippin’ on a cold margarita. Queso’s offered here are chile con queso and queso compuesto. Right down the road is Zilker Park (dreaming of ACL and Trail of Lights) and the beautiful and always cold Barton Springs Pool. Don’t worry, we also got you covered on a great property close to here! With full amenities and the close access to downtown and Lady Bird Lake these units have something for everyone. There is so much character with wood style floors, exposed concrete ceilings, gorgeous glass tile backsplash, and huge windows to enjoy a view from any direction from downtown to Zilker Park!


One bedrooms starting at $1745 and two bedrooms starting at $2247 (2/2 Available starting in May)

Magnolia Cafe

Next up on our queso quest, we want to take you to the ultimate 24 hour diner infamously known as Magnolia Cafe. This place has Austin written all over it and the queso is simply the best! If you’re looking for late night bite look no further than Magnolia Cafe. We love this area of Austin that is tucked away called Deep Eddy between Tarrytown and Clarksville. When you’re done eating all the queso that your little heart desires, you can walk to this property and feel right at home. With private garages, a washer/dryer, and a fully renovated unit, you will love how this will immediately make you feel like you have it all. Also just a quick bike ride to downtown or to the Deep Eddy pool! Austin is all about keepin’ it green and taking care of the environment and so is this property. We love the green initiatives such as energy efficiency, water conservation, and recycling!


One bedrooms starting at $1358 and two bedrooms starting at $1960

Guero’s Taco Bar

Third on the list, in the heart of South Congress, is one of the top queso places in the city. Guero’s Taco Bar is an Austinite’s favorite and has a chill atmosphere where you can catch up with your friends and grab a quick bite to eat. The chile con queso is especially yummy because it has “Guero’s own Ranchero” in it! Don’t worry we have you covered on a property near here as well. This is on the same street as Guero’s so you can stumble home and skip the cab ride after you’ve had a few margaritas. Feel free to lay by the pool with cabanas during the day too or take your puppy to the on site dog park! With stainless steel appliances, private balconies, and washer/dryer included, you can see why we love it here! You will feel right at home in this amazing SOCO community.

Kitchen 2

One bedrooms starting at $1484 and two bedrooms starting at $1715

To Roomie or Not to Roomie, That is The Question: Dallas Edition

Some of our best stories probably come from a great roommate we had back in college whom we still call a close friend. Inversely, we all probably have at least two nightmare roommate stories up our sleeves. It’s almost like a competition of who has the best/worst roommate story. Oh, your roommate left a pan out for two weeks? Well, mine left the oven on for 15 hours and didn’t notice. Boom, trumped. If these Dallas apartments could talk, they would have stories aplenty. Some people have had truly amazing experiences sharing an apartment with someone and some haven’t been so lucky. There’s pros and cons to both sides.

Living on your own can be awesome. You don’t have to answer to anybody, if the apartment is a mess you have no one to be mad at but yourself, and you can decorate however the heck you want. Feel like putting a tapestry up because you recently watched the movie Dazed and Confused? Go for it. Feel like putting a lime green couch in your living room? No one to consult, go get ‘em tiger. All of these apartment-related freedoms come at a price, though. Living on your own can cost a pretty penny. Before you wave goodbye to your, “Hey is this your almond milk or mine?” days, take a look at what each price point could land you for a one bedroom.



Live just minutes away from downtown and only a few highway exits to Uptown! Newer apartments with super cute finishes, a great pool and a bark park for your pup! Washer/dryer is included in your apartment which will save you tons of money renting them each month! They even have yards available, making the chore of taking your dog out less daunting.


One bedrooms starting at $1150+



This property is right in the heart of Uptown / West Village. This property has great amenities like a beautiful upper-floor swimming pool, underground parking, and a 24-hour fitness center. The units have finishes like hardwood floors, contemporary cabinetry, and granite countertops. Basically, the location is amazing and so are the units. It’s a win, win.


One bedrooms starting at $1350+



Dallas lofts are super cool. They are all unique and have their own character. Some have exposed brick walls, others have large open windows, or better yet they have both! If you’re looking for a big open space, a loft will be perfect for you!

1 (2)


Lofts starting at $1169+


Now, the roomie side of the debate. You love Dallas and you like to love Dallas through all hours of the night. Stumbling in at 3am on a Tuesday because you just tripped into a ton of different things going on Downtown may mean you’ll want a super roommate-friendly floorplan where your late night cooking sesh won’t be incredibly disturbing to your sleeping roommate. But you know what the coolest pro of having a roommate is? When you don’t have the time to run home to let your dog out, or check that thing on your calendar you knew you were forgetting you can call them up and have them save the day. You’ll save a lot of money and get to have the same level of quality that you thought you could afford on your own (here in Dallas, we all have to have that reality check once in a while). Sometimes those one bedrooms are just wayy too expensive.


Brand new apartments in a developing part of Downtown! Live right next to the Dallas Farmers Market and have first dibs on all of the fresh, locally grown products before everyone in Uptown and Knox/Henderson wakes up and beats you to it! Awesome Downtown views and yards for your dog too! Quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and super open concept living! Walking distance to Downtown hot spots and plenty of visitor parking since it’s a newer property, yesss!


Two Bedrooms starting at $2100+ ($1050 per roomie)



Newer Dallas apartments in the heart of Deep Ellum! Super easy highway access to easily reach any other popular Dallas neighborhood if you’re looking for a new scene to mix it up every now and then. Granite countertops, tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and spa-style bathrooms with dual vanities and spacious garden tubs. Zen hammock garden on property as well as a gourmet club kitchen!


Two bedrooms starting at $1900+ ($950 per roomie)



Live in the up and coming Design District! This area is super convenient for anyone to commute into Downtown from, and is only a 5 minute Uber into Uptown. This property has a great rooftop lounge and a large, resort style pool. The units have concrete or wood floors, granite countertops, and exposed duct work giving a lofty vibe without the old warehouse feel. The best part? Their two bedroom layouts are split, making it perfect for roomies!


Two bedrooms starting at $1640 ($820 per roomie)


If you are looking for an apartment, with or without a roommate, give us a call / text at 214-586-0519 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!

SOCO’s Sister: South First Street!

If you are in love with South Congress, but are trying to find a place to live that is more peaceful and has chill vibes, look no further than South 1st Street! We love this street to live on because it has SO much to offer and we consider it the laid back sister of South Congress. From restaurants like Sway and Elizabeth Street Cafe to the low key South Austin Trailer Park Eatery and Bouldin Creek Cafe, this is every foodie’s dream location! The shopping and artwork on this street too will give you all the artistic feels. We particularly love Roadside Relics and the Art for the People Gallery. There is also South 1st Friday’s, which is an art walk along the street! Along the street, there are plenty of trees and greenery too which will make you feel like you’re not in the hustle and bustle of the city, although you will be in walking distance to downtown! There are plenty of trails and parks nearby too, if you need to get a quick workout in such as Lady Bird Lake, and a park next to the Palmer Events Center. Who knew one street could have so much character, and also has great properties to live in!


One fancy property that we love is located on the end of South 1st street has all the amenities you would ever need! If you are looking for a place to feel immediately comfortable but also pampered, this apartment complex has it all! In these units there is wood flooring, spa inspired bathrooms (with a walk in shower!), island kitchens, balconies, and beautiful views of downtown Austin! There is a gym on site with a boxing studio which is why this property stands out as well! Outside features include a resort style pool, bocce ball, and ping pong courts outside. Don’t worry about the heat, there is plenty of oak trees to keep you cool and shaded all day long!

One bedrooms starting at $1348 and two bedrooms starting at $1818


We love how close to downtown this apartment complex is for an affordable price! This property has wood flooring throughout, walk in closets, balconies with downtown views, and some units even have fireplaces for that cozy feel for ya’ll. This is literally right around the corner from Barton Springs Road and the Palmer Events Center. It’s in walking distance and biking distance if you want to skip the traffic and bike to work, or adventure downtown! This apartment complex is perfect if you are looking to kick back and relax and enjoy the laid back vibes in Austin. We love the pool at this property, because it overlooks the amazing view of downtown Austin. Also, there are places on the property to picnic and barbecue. Don’t stress out about if your dog can live here or not, because they have absolutely no breed restrictions and it is super pet friendly!

One bedrooms starting at $1288 and two bedrooms starting at $1606


This third property gives us all the South 1st feels. You will definitely feel like a local if you move into this upscale, yet relaxed apartment complex! The units include recently upgraded amenities such as hardwood flooring, new appliances, and subway tile backsplash. With newly renovated amenities such as their pool and courtyard with palm trees, to their cute dog park, we think that this is perfect for you and your pet! Think of this location as your resort oasis on South 1st where you can kick back and chill after a long work week.

One bedrooms starting at $1175 and two bedrooms starting at $1450

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The Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

So the groundhog may have said six more weeks, but let’s be real… It was 90 degrees outside on Monday. Spring has sprung. That means it’s time to come out of our caves and start exploring again. Getting your daily dose of caffeine helps get your day started with a bang. We love to start our days at some of the awesome local coffee shops that each Dallas neighborhood has to offer. Yes, we know this is also the remedy we recommended to survive the cold weather, but be honest with yourself- what better way to come out of hibernation than with a warm cup of joe in hand? Or I mean, if you’re like us, you may go for the iced latte! Either way, check out these coffee shop favorites:


Ascension in the Design District

Ascension is located in the Design District near Oak Lawn and Hi Line Drive. This isn’t your typical, could double as someone’s cozy living room, coffee shop. Ascension is a social, Australian-style coffee shop with café food and research / passion in every drop. If the weather keeps heating up, we recommend the cold brew Kyoto. They feature live music every week, so Ascension can double as your Friday night and Saturday morning!

The Design District is known for its art galleries, showrooms, restaurants, and now- it’s increasing number of luxury apartment homes. And did we mention it’s home to the new Maverick’s practice facility? It’s definitely a unique area to call home.



Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Toasted is the love-child of an awesome downtown industrial style stop and a rustic, should see succulent plants everywhere, barn-inspired shop. The result is a spacious, insta-worthy coffee shop that offers a full brunch menu and cocktails located at Lower Greenville and Ross Ave. Their all-natural toast variations are to die for and if you like a little heat, try the Avo-Ca-Damn toast, it’s sriracha and avocado heaven!

Lower Greenville is a walkable spot known for its wide range of restaurants including HG Supply Co. and Steel City Pops, as well as its nightlife spots like Truckyard.


Crooked Tree Coffee House

Crooked Tree is located in the upscale and social mecca neighborhood, Uptown. Now unlike our two former, very spacious coffee shops, Crooked Tree could definitely double as a home and that’s exactly what founders, Kristyn and Sarah, were going for: A cozy, eclectic, living room coffee shop feel. You’ll find couches to sit on, tables of all sizes, and a back patio. They feature coffee from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and pastries from local bakeries such as Empire and Zenzero, and house recipe sandwiches.

Uptown is one of the most well-known neighborhoods for its upscale lifestyle, restaurants, hotels, and walkable nightlife.


Opening Bell Coffee

Known as one of Dallas’s best acoustic live music venues, Opening Bell is a grooving coffee bar located in The Cedars that offers espresso, specialty coffee blends, and Harney & Sons teas. One of their many claims to fame is that 15 contestants from The Voice have performed there before competing! They have a full menu of breakfast pastries, sandwiches, and multiple options when it comes to one of our favorites- the mocha.

The Cedars is a growing neighborhood on the Southern edge of Downtown that’s known for its fun spots like Alamo Drafthouse and the rooftop bar at the The Nylo.


Have Any Plans this Weekend?

We do! And we want you to join! This Saturday, March 25th, we’re doing a Coffee Crawl! Think a pub crawl but with coffee shops and lots of caffeine. Starting at 9AM, grab your “passport” from either the Smart City office or Toasted Coffee + Kitchen (we’ll have 50 passports at each location) and hit all the destinations with your friends. Just make sure to bring your passports back to us at Toasted or Smart City so that you can be entered to win one of our $100, $75, and $50 gift cards to the participating shops! We’ll also be doing a drawing for a Ninja Coffee Bar! So, if you want to get some caffeine with friends, explore these Dallas neighborhoods, and get entered for some killer prizes, COME ON OUT!

We’ll see you there!