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Best Dallas Fall Patios to Watch Football

by Audrey Swanson

It’s glorious, heavenly football season here in glorious, heavenly Dallas, the town that we hope doesn’t cool off until after pigskin season ends. Whether you enjoy watching the Cowboys (or maybe for our Dallas transplants, your native NFL teams), or you opt more for the college ball realm, it’s always important to have a go-to lounge spot to cheer on your guys.

Dallas is one of the few cities that you can count on for offering a much-assorted selection of patios to utilize as these watch party spots. Our (mostly) tame autumn temperatures combined with the onslaught of patio bars made for sports’ watching delight equals a hella fun weekend (and the occasional weekday evening). We’ve collected a few of the best for you and your football-obsessed friends to try out!

Katy Trail Ice House – Good for beer goblets and wide-open spaces:

KatyTrail Ice House

A sprawled, gravel-grounded patio surrounded by hi-def TVs and covered with picnic tables aplenty is a recipe for big game watch party success. Bring your furry friend and feel free to show up in Norts or jorts or whatever you want, really, ‘cause this place is casual central.

Company Café – Good for food and ambience:

Company Cafe

A few steps down the path from Katy Trail Ice House lies this charmingly chill spot. Try the loaded sweet potato fries (complete with fresh jalapenos, fresh mozzarella cheese and bacon) as you cheer on your team under the shady deck with a minty mojito.

Henderson Tap House – Good for fun and camaraderie:

Henderson Tap House

This is your ultimate sports bar. You’ve got a solid assortment of beer on tap, bar food so good you’ll forget it’s bar food, televisions viewable from comfortable outside lounge seats, and Jenga for when the game gets a tad slow.

HG Sply Co. – Good for views and brews:

HG Sply Co

This Lower Greenville health-nut restaurant may not come to mind for game-watching fanatics, but the stunning rooftop terrace features a few screens that have been known to bring in sizable crowds for televised sporting events. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little healthy chowing and sipping while watching Romo on a Sunday afternoon.

Truck Yard – Good for maxing and relaxing:

Truck Yard

This podunk bar down the street from HG Sply Co. is perfect for a really huge game that’ll draw a crowd, as the faceoff will probably be featured on the yard’s humongous screen TV underneath its very own tree house. (Although, you might want to forego lounging in the tree and go for Truck Yard’s sporadic lawn chairs and picnic tables so as to see the screen best.)

State & Allen – Good for early games and brunch:

State and Allen

Y’all, this quaint bar is covered wall to wall with football game-bearing televisions, and their affordable and delicious brunch is tough to beat. If your team grudgingly has an 11 am kickoff, head to this Uptown destination to make your own Bloody Mary for $5 and relax on the patio. Its massive doors open to the inside area, allowing you to easily spot the game from your outdoors seat.