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Austin | Things You Must Do This Spring

Before you know it, the only thing you’re going to be able to do is jump into Barton Springs pool because you’re too busy trying to cool off from the triple digits. But right now is when we’re in that perfect time of year. The days are warming up but the nights are still cool. It’s perfect for hiking but maybe still a little too chilly for jumping in the lake.

So enjoy this amazing weather with these fun Austin events.

Movies in the Park

It’s a city staple. If you have awesome parks with big screen projection capabilities, then you need to go see a movie in the park. Bring a big, comfy blanket, snacks, water and definitely some adult beverages to bring your home to the grass. And this year Austin is offering some incredible movies: Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, Frozen, Jurassic Park, and The Goonies. Go here to learn more.

Pecan Street Festival

There’s no need to deal with the one of the busiest parts of Austin being shut down without enjoying it! And the Pecan Street Festival is an event that is actually worth the traffic and headache. Not only is there supreme people watching, but also there is some incredible art to check out and buy (which is the actual purpose behind this street fair). And, of course, there is what Austin does best: a variety of live music performances and food.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party

This giant celebration for the apathetic Winnie the Pooh character is the epitome of Keep Austin Weird. Adults dress up in all types of colorful and eccentric costumes and participate in huge drum circles.  And the best part of that a lot of it is to raise money for local non-profit organizations. There’s live music, food and drinks that benefit these organizations. So come support a good cause and see just how weird Austin can get.

Pun-off World Championships

There’s not much more we can say. There are competitions for puns and the best of the best are gathering in Austin for the ultimate Pun-off. It’s going to be all kinds of punny.

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Feel like checking out some awesome graffiti art? Hope Outdoor Gallery is just one giant building that’s broken down to its bones and tag artists have turned it into an incredible collaboration of art. Make sure you bring your tennis shoes, because there are some areas you have to climb and who knows what’s hanging out in that gravel. If you get to the top, you will be rewarded with a beautiful historic building that stands out against the industrialization of the graffiti park.

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