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Austin Ice Cream We Love!!

It’s starting to get warmer outside so it’s time to get serious. Serious about ice cream. If we go anywhere that serves ice cream, then we’re eating it. And not just one serving, we go in full throttle. We grew up on chocolate Blue Bell but we’ve grown and our palettes have become more dignified and refined. Jk, we love anything that involves milk, sugar and frozen goodness. Here are the ice cream spots you need to hit this summer in Austin.


When it comes to frozen goodness in Austin, Amy’s Ice Cream is the boss. They have over 350 rotating flavors to choose from. We love to try their pre-made menus that tell you which ice creams should be mixed with certain toppings. It’s everything. If ice cream isn’t your thing, Amy’s also has frozen yogurt and fruit ices to keep you cool.



This rolling truck of deliciousness was born out of California but there are trucks in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and two trucks roaming though Austin. It takes ice cream to a whole new level with creative flavors that are smashed between 2 insanely delicious cookies. Hello, sugar dreams.


Lick has some of the most interesting flavor combos of any ice cream shop we’ve ever tried. They have complex and well-balanced flavors like dark chocolate with olive oil & sea salt and goat cheese, thyme & honey. They also locally source there ingredients so all the flavors are rich and delicious! Shopping local is so hot right now.



Dolce Neve is making amazing and authentic Italian gelatos out of a little house on South 1st. One of the owners is an Italian native who honed her gelato-making skills in Italy. We recommend the mascarpone lemon zest and ricotta honey pistachio.