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Smart City Apartment Locating

If you’re looking for an apartment in Dallas or Austin and want a partner by your side who can help you in your search, you need Smart City Apartment Locating. Our mission is to guide people to amazing apartments and townhomes in the greater Dallas and Austin communities. Our real estate specialists know all of the best-kept secrets in the real estate markets, and are here to share them with you.

Dallas & Austin Apartments

Whether you want to find a Dallas apartment near your workplace or you want to find a downtown high-rise in Austin, we have inside information to get you where you want to be. Our team of relocation experts scours the web and local real estate markets to find special offers and great deals so that we can pass them along to you. We have access to over 140,000 property listings.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our team and we’ll work hard to seek out the right apartment or town home for you in Dallas or Austin.

Free is Good

The best part about using Smart City Apartment Locating is that our services are completely free! We provide our huge listing of Dallas and Austin apartments at no cost to you, and our site is updated daily with the latest in apartments, condos, townhomes, and more.

Our passion is helping people find the housing accommodations they need, and we work hard each day to deliver great deals on great apartments. All you have to do is use our convenient apartment search form, find the apartment of your dreams, and visit the property.

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Message from the owner!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Cassie and I’m the owner and real estate broker for Smart City Apartment Locating. We’re hip, trendy, and client-focused locators. We know Dallas like the back of our hands, and we’ll do whatever it takes to find you the perfect apartment that fits you.

We are a totally free service, full-service locating company. That means we call every property in your preferred area to see exactly what they have for your move-in date, and we’re prompt to give you all the information you want, including addresses, property names, floor plans, pics, social security numbers (just kidding on that last one, but you get my drift). If you want our opinion on these properties, you got it! If you don’t, we won’t! We know all about the apartments and their management, whether it was built solid or like a house of cards, and we can share all that jazz and more!

Here at Smart City we seriously love what we do! We’re stoked about apartments, and there is nothing better than seeing you light up when we find you the perfect one. We treat all of our clients like friends, and we wouldn’t put you somewhere we wouldn’t live ourselves!

Our office is located on N Hall St. Stop in sometime so we can meet all your pretty faces!

To learn more about how Smart City Apartment Locating can help you find your new place, call us today at 214-586-0519.

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