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A Handy Guide to Dallas Lofts and Loft-style Living

With their unique, open floor plans and original features, lofts are some of the most sought-after units in the city! Not all lofts are built the same, though. Here are some helpful tips to consider when asking your Smart City Locating agent about the types of lofts available in the area:

Traditional Lofts


Exposed brick is a favorite characteristic of traditional lofts.

These industrial units are for the true purists: the exposed brick lovers, stained concrete seekers, and large window lovers of apartment living! The majority of Dallas’s true loft style units are located in and around the Downtown and Deep Ellum neighborhoods, placing them in the heart of eclectic communities with hip urban nightlife. These pads are the essence of character and can be found in smaller, boutique style complexes as well as larger loft-focused properties.

Modern lofts

Not all lofts have to have white appliances and concrete ceilings, though! If you’re looking for that spacious, open floor plan with a contemporary twist, your agent may suggest modern lofts or loft-style units! Often located inside larger apartment complexes throughout the city, these units combine the openness of loft living with the upscale amenities of recently built or renovated properties. Have your cake with exposed ductwork and eat it, too with stainless appliances, new hardwood floors, or granite counter tops included!

Soft Lofts

If you’re not as keen on seeing your kitchen from your bedroom, soft lofts may be the answer! These units have open floor plans where walls may not fully reach the ceiling, separate rooms exist but may not have doors, and shorter divider walls may separate your living and sleeping spaces. While not true loft units, you still get the all-in-one-space feel of loft living, but often with a little more separation between rooms. Many complexes offer studio-sized or one-bedroom sized soft lofts on property that are ideal for renters who are willing to sacrifice doorknobs for some of the better deals in the city’s most popular areas.

Split Level Lofts

Split level units feature two (or more!) floors where the bedroom or additional living spaces are located on the second floor. These charming dual-level apartments give additional privacy and their higher ceilings often mean more natural light pouring in. These units are a little rarer, making their price tag a little higher, too.

Since availability can be slim in the loft arena, getting in touch with one of our locators in advance can definitely help your chances! Renters in the area will often lease lofts sight-unseen, making the hunt for the perfect loft extremely competitive for interested clients. If you’re in the market for a loft or loft-style unit in Dallas, fill out a search form or contact a Smart City Locating agent today at 214-586-0519 and we’ll get you started!