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5 Spring Home Decor Trends for Your Dallas Apartment

Wait, what? It’s spring? We’re not really sure how that happened so fast, but no complaints here. With spring comes new beginnings, fresh resolutions, the promise of patio happy hours, and, of course, reinvigorated trends to make your space feel like a breath of fresh air. There’s no doubt that spring is a season of happiness and vivacity, and we want to fully embrace this refreshing time in our own apartments–don’t you?

Whether you’re more minimalist and want little to nothing taking up your counter space, or you’re a bit more lavish and in to packing decorations into every nook and cranny, we’ve got a home style tip for you to revitalize your place and make it feel like it’s all kinds of blooming this spring. Take our advice and your home will go from kind of cute to really freaking cute in no time, we guarantee.

1. Incorporate herbs. And we don’t mean those kind of herbs. But if you’re a fan of fresh plants and flowers livening up your apartment, plant something that is as useful as it is pretty this spring, like a few mainstay herbs of yours. I love fresh cilantro and basil in a lot of different dishes, for example, so I plan on picking these guys up from Sprouts or the Dallas Farmer’s Market and potting them near a window. They’re a good solution when you’re having some serious garden lust. (What, you don’t get that?)


2. Give your couch some color. Throw three or four new pillows onto the ol’ couch for an easy apartment pick-me-up. Not only will it be like your sofa got a facelift, but your apartment as a whole will feel spruced up and more warm and inviting. And, hey, no one has ever complained about too many pillows. Just make sure they aren’t those kind filled with feathers because a) the feathers will poke the shit out of your back, b) they deflate like whoa in about two minutes or under, and c) they suck.


3. Paint a wall a bright color. Many apartments allow you to pick a custom accent wall in your unit. How cool is that? That random robin’s egg blue that you realize goes perfect with, literally, everything in your home decorations would make a perfect accentuation on the wall behind your couch, don’t you think? Grab the paint brush and your best friend (and some obligatory wine), and don’t forget the old t-shirt because, let’s be honest, this might get messy before it gets pretty. But, oh, how pretty it will be once you’re all done.


4. Make your own flower art. Listen up. You don’t need much for this one, and we promise, you don’t even really need artistic ability; it’s that simple. You have one of two options. Toss a selection of pretty faux flowers into a shadow box and call it a day; or get a canvas and a palette watercolors, and abstract-paint the shit out of some your favorite kinds of flowers. DIY has never been so easy, and you’ll feel all accomplished and cultured by the end of it.


5. When all else fails: mason jar. Yes, this trend has been making its steady and strong comeback for about two years now. No, we’re not sick of it yet. Mason jars are The Shit (of course, they’re worthy of the tiara of punctuation, capitalization). Oh, you don’t have a vase and you just picked up a bouquet of daisies from Trader Joe’s? Mason jar. Huh? There’s no cute storage container for your sugar and flour and other baking supplies? Mason jar. You can even get real fancy and paint the lids, if you’re feeling like a rebel today.